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LETTER: Time to re-examine political beliefs

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

As the 2018 election cycle approaches, our life experiences should teach us that even though, at this moment, we strongly believe that our political position is the correct one for our country, we may very well be wholly or partially mistaken, and that understanding should infuse our discussions with both humility and civility.

Many years ago, I diagnosed a febrile child with what I thought was a simple viral illness and told her mother if her baby was any worse to call me. Looking up at me, with tears streaking her face, she said, "Doctor, I don't know how she can get any worse." Shaken by her fear and conviction, I reexamined this child and diagnosed bacterial meningitis, which, if unrecognized, would have taken her life.

For the sake of our nation, as November approaches, I hope we have the humility to re-examine our political beliefs and the civility to listen well to each other.

William Hogan