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LETTER: Bjorkman will restore balance to Congress

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To the Editor:

The 2018 election is our opportunity to substantially change Congress. Why send to Washington someone that represents politics as usual for South Dakota? Why send a lifelong politician reared in this state's political power structure, one who has little work experience outside of that power structure, and one who will be beholden to the Big Money donors like our

current congressional delegation?

Unlike his opponent, Judge Tim Bjorkman worked in the real world prior to seeking election as our representative. And most importantly, unlike his opponent, Mr. Bjorkman has sworn not to accept donations from the special interest Political Action Committees (PACs) that seem to call the shots in Washington. If he wins South Dakota's lone seat in Congress, Tim would join just seven currently serving who have sworn to accept no funds from Big Money PACs. Obviously we need Tim and more like him in Congress.

Since 2016, we've seen how our federal government operates under one-party control. How have those GOP tax cuts and health care changes worked out for you? Do you like the loss of internet neutrality or the fallout from the imposition of tariffs? Do you worry about the future of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, or how our children and grandchildren will deal with crushing debt resulting from those huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy? Do you believe the president truly cares about us ordinary people?

The checks and balances that once worked in our government, even when under one-party domination, are nonfunctional under the current regime. We need to restore some checks, especially on the reckless, self-absorbed president. One party rule isn't working for average citizens. Electing Tim Bjorkman to Congress is one way to restore some balance while reducing the influence of Big Money in Washington. I urge you to give Tim your utmost consideration for South Dakota's House seat when you vote in November. Let's vote for positive change and not against our interests.

Gary Larson