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LETTER: Illogic all over the place

(metro creative)

To the Editor:

If one loves our country and is interested in political opinion, four types of people to avoid are 1. Hypocrites, 2. Politicians, 3. B.S'ers and 4. Nut Jobs.

Definition of a b.s.'er: One who overstates, intensifies, magnifies beyond the fact, exaggerates (sounds like Trump already doesn't it?)

Without reprinting the entire April 21 letter, "Big wind is moving into South Dakota," here are some highlighes you might recall: "Big Wind;" stealthily; danger; irritation; home value loss; live in an industrial energy plant; non-participators did not accept money to give up their land rights; noise as loud as a chainsaw all day and night; torture of sleep deprivation; shadow flicker; infrasound; homes devalued to nothing; danger zone; growling menace; stolen; disfigure; and so on.

"Energy sent out of state." Well, that's logical. Looks to me like Strandburg (I had to look it up too) is 20 miles from Minnesota. After all, Wyoming coal goes to Illinois. Farmers next to the Canadian border want to freely sell their livestock across the border in Canada.

You may be familiar with the U.S. debt clock website. But hidden among the 100 plus statistics is the U.S. population, now 327.6 million. It increases at a rate of 8,200 people every day.

On Feb. 14, 17 Parkland, Florida, high school students were shot dead. But 73 days have passed and now there's another 600,000 people that need electricity. And that's not b.s.

Strandburg is northeast of Watertown. What consideration does the editorial page give to "email blasts?" And, is it true that every wind tower has a coyote at its base just waiting for birds to fall out of the sky?

Jack H. Mueller