Newspaper doesn't arrive or is missing sections

Log in and proceed to "Subscriptions," then "Report a Delivery Issue" if your newspaper has not arrived by mail that day. Select the delivery issue and then click on "Report Issue."

If you would like a re-delivery, call us at (701) 241-5445. Otherwise, we will apply a credit to your account. Only credits for the same day can be obtained on this site. Credits for missing deliveries for previous days must be requested from a customer service representative or by emailing our customer support team. Be sure to include your name, delivery address, and home phone number in your email and the words MISSED PAPER CREDIT in the subject line. Otherwise, we will extend your account accordingly for a missed delivery that day. To receive an account extension for a missed delivery from a previous day you must contact the Customer Service department by calling (701) 241-5445 or by emailing us.

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