The Mitchell area is expecting to see a significant amount of snow on Monday night and into Tuesday evening, as the likelihood of a snowstorm has increased.

That’s according to Jeff Chapman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls. While Chapman expects snow to hit the Mitchell area on Monday night, he said the most significant amount of snowfall will likely make its way to the Mitchell area on Tuesday, lasting into late Tuesday night.

As far as total amounts of snow, Chapman said it’s unclear at this time. However, he said it's increasingly likely that the area will see an “impactful” storm on Tuesday.

“The details with this storm as far as amounts are kind of up in the air yet, but the likelihood of an impactful storm has increased somewhat,” Chapman said. “Anyone who is planning on traveling on Tuesday and Tuesday night should definitely be paying attention to the forecast and watch how it could change over the next few days.”

The snowstorm is expected to make its way out of the Mitchell area late Tuesday night, Chapman said.

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Following Tuesday’s potential storm, Chapman said the area is expected to experience a dry period heading into the New Year holiday.

“It looks like we're in for an extended period of dry weather following the storm on Tuesday night, all the way through the following weekend at this point,” Chapman said.