United Way reaches goal for 33rd year

As the long banner was unfurled Friday, some of those who attended the Mitchell United Way's recognition luncheon exhaled a sigh of relief. For the 33rd straight year, the organization met its fundraising goal, raising $455,524. The nonprofit org...

Greg Feiner, left, and Jeff Krall, both members of the Mitchell United Way Board of Directors, hold up a banner Friday showing $455,524 as the amount raised by this year’s Mitchell United Way fundraiser. The amount was announced during an awards and recognition luncheon at the Highland Conference Center in Mitchell. Also pictured are Pat Essig, top left, and Dave Stevens, far right. (Luke Hagen/Republic)

As the long banner was unfurled Friday, some of those who attended the Mitchell United Way’s recognition luncheon exhaled a sigh of relief.

For the 33rd straight year, the organization met its fundraising goal, raising $455,524. The nonprofit organization’s 2013 goal was $455,000.

“We made it,” said Greg Feiner, the campaign chairman. “Way to go.”

The luncheon, held at Mitchell’s Highland Conference Center, recognized all of the organizations, businesses and people who donated to the United Way.

A top award, the Hoyt J. Granter Spirit of Community award, was given to Trail King Industries for a donation of more than $50,000. Dave Stevens, United Way executive director, said more than 80 percent of that money was donated from individuals who work at Mitchell’s Trail King location. There were 11 other Mitchell businesses that received awards for donating at least $10,000, and hundreds of individuals who were recognized for donations at various levels.


“As with any campaign, there are ups and downs,” said United Way Board President Pat Essig. “But we know we can count on everyone to give what they can give.”


The Mitchell United Way recognized the following donors Friday during a luncheon at the Highland Conference Center in Mitchell.



Lee Anderson, Trail King Industries

Troy Bollock, United Parcel Service

Mark & Chris Buche, Resident


Jeff Clark, Toshiba NA

Pat & Bobbi Clark, Resident

Tom & Betty Clark, Avera Queen of Peace

John & LuAnn Clarke, County Fair Food Stores

Philip & Susan M Collins, Fischer Rounds & Associates

Steve & Bonny Culhane, Mitchell School District / Avera Queen of Peace

Doug Eidahl, Vantage Point Solutions

Patrick & Lori Essig, Wells Fargo Bank/Dakota Wesleyan University


Jerry & Laurie Garry, Dice Financial Services Group / Avera Queen of Peace

Tony & Connie Geist, Resident

Chad & Joni Glanzer, Vantage Point Solutions

Jack Harris, Resident

Stacie & Dan Heesch, Innovative Systems/Avera Medical Group

Dale & Marla Holm, Resident

Boyd D & Dody Hopkins Jr., CorTrust Bank

Dr. Jerry & Terri Howe, Resident


Ryan & Anne Huber. BankWest

Joseph Kaus, Trail King Industries

Randy & Kim Kee, Innovative Systems / Avera Queen of Peace

Lance & Patty Koth, First Dakota National Bank

Kelly Kramer, Vern Eide of Mitchell

Kristy Martin, Resident

Dan Matthews, Jack’s Campers

Brian & Sharon McDaniels, Innovative Systems


Tim & Delores McEntee, Vantage Point Solutions

David Mitchell, Dakota Wesleyan University

Kyle & Lacey Musick, Innovative Systems

Roger & Vicki Musick, Innovative Systems

David & Amy Muth, Muth Electric

Dick & Darlene Muth, Muth Electric

Don & Robin Pooley, Mitchell Telecom / Innovative Systems

Jeff Reimnitz, Toshiba NA


Rick & Laurie Robey, Avera Queen of Peace

Terry & Deb Sabers, Muth Electric

Dan & Paula Schmidt, Muth Electric

Cary & Judy Schonley. United Parcel Service

David Stevens, Mitchell United Way

Tyler Sutton, Vern Eide Ford

Edwin Thompson, Trail King Industries

Larry & Vicki Thompson, Vantage Point Solutions

Terry & Cindy Torgerson, CorTrust Bank

Ryan & Kelly Tupper, Innovative Systems

Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Vande Stadt, Vantage Point Solutions

Gene & Jeanne Vold, Innovative Systems / Northwestern Energy

Gopal Vyas, Tessier’s Inc.

Nathan & Jill Weber, Vantage Point Solutions

Jason & Kimberly Wise, Trail King Industries

Bruce Yakley, Trail King Industries


Herb Albin, NuStar Energy

Dan & Lori Allen, Resident

Dan & Val Anderson, CHR Solutions

Dan & Tama Backlund, Fischer Rounds & Associates

Keith & Glynn Bartels, Resident

Brad & Nancy Bauer, Bauer Dental Studio

Bruce & Sharon Blumer, Dakota Conference of the United Methodist

Diane Bostick, Avera Queen of Peace

Darren Brewster, Tessier's Inc.

Dave & Patti Brooks, CorTrust Bank / Avera Queen of Peace

Pete & Debra Bruce, Bruce Sign Company/Wells Fargo Bank

Kevin & Sheila Bruscher, CorTrust Bank / J & D Masonry

Paula & Kenny Bryant, Trail King Industries

Jake Buckley, Trail King Industries

Matt & Angella Buenzow, ELO Prof. LLC / Self -Employed

Chris Lippert & Dr. Theresa Campbell, Avera Queen of Peace / Avera Medical Group

Travis & Michelle Carpenter, Mitchell School District / Dakota Counseling

Eric & Amy Christensen, Mitchell School District

Linda Christensen, Abbott House

Steve & Whitney Clarke, County Fair Food Stores

Raymond Conzemius, Trail King Industries

LeoPaul Roy & Brenda Davenport, Mueller Lumber / Dakota Counseling Institute

Tom & Mary Day, Avera Queen of Peace

Linda & Dennis Deinert, Mitchell School System / Tessier's Inc.

Trish Delaney, Avera Queen of Peace

John & Christi DeWitte, Vantage Point Solutions

Tom & Charlys Dice. Dice Financial Services Group

Richard Rainey & Rochelle Dicus. Twin City Fan / Subway

Jaeson & Shannon Dollar, Vern Eide GM / Wells Fargo Bank

Justin Ebert, Pepsi Cola Bottling

Bob & Glenda Ellefson, Resident

Craig & Jessica Engelland. Vern Eide GM

Derek & Kerri Fahey, First National Bank/Dakota Wesleyan University

Stephanie & Quentin Flippin, Avera Queen of Peace / Vantage Point Solutions

Kendall Frey, Trail King Industries

Trevor & Julie Frye, Trail King Industries

Rick Fuchs, Fuchs Orthodontics

Ron & Sheliah Gates, Sr., Resident

Jamie Grosdidier, Avera Queen of Peace

Gary Haag, Trail King Industries

Mike & Jean Haley, Big Brother Big Sister

Pam Hanna, LifeQuest

Craig & Bonny Hansen, US Postal Service/First National Bank

Tim & Karen Harrington, Central Electric Coop / Mitchell School District

Roger & Tami Hartley, Avera Queen of Peace

Mark Hazuka, Trail King Industries

Tim Heiman, Pepsi Cola Bottling

Terry & Connie Henning, Innovative Systems

Harvey Herman, Trail King Industries

Brian & Melody Hohn, First National Bank

Dave & Janette Huber, Wells Fargo Bank / Dakota Counseling Institute

Jacquelyn & Dusty Johnson, Dice Financial Services Group / State of SD

Chuck Kaiser, County Fair Food Stores

Cecil Kerr, Trail King Industries

Joe & Barb Kippes, Toshiba NA

Kevin Kloehn,Vantage Point Solutions

Jean Koehler, First Dakota National Bank

Roswitha Konz, Dakota Counseling Institute

Wayne Konz, Vern Eide GM

Scott & Carey Kroger, Central Electric Coop / Innovative Systems

Terry & Jeanne Krome, Wells Fargo Bank

Jen Larsen, Avera Queen of Peace

Mike & Renee LeBrun, Dice Financial Services Group/First National Insurance

Steve Limberg, Hendrickson Trailer

Caleb Link, CorTrust Bank

Gregory Little, Trail King Industries

Dr. Kim & Deb Lorenzen, Physicians Laboratory

Justin & Meghan Luther, County Fair Food Stores

Cory Ladd Marek, Vern Eide Ford

David Martinson, Vantage Point Solutions

Mark Miller, Vern Eide Ford

Kelly Mogck, Trail King Industries

Dan & Becky Mohr, BankWest

Matthew Moore, Trail King Industries

Robert & Gail Mueller, Mueller Lumber

Chris Henke & Shelly Muth -Henke, Avera St. Benedict Health Center /Muth Electric

Clint & Jeniffer Nurnberg, Hendrickson Trailer

Dale & Barb Odegaard, Mitchell Chamber of Commerce

Allan & Deb Olson, Innovative Systems

John Ortmeier, NuStar Energy

Brad & Merrillee Osterloo, Innovative Systems / John Paul II School

Matthew Parker, Trail King Industries

Chuck & Lois Paulson, Resident

Scott & Lisa Paulson, Paulson Air / Innovative Systems

Cody Peterson, Pepsi Cola Bottling

Ross & Katie Petrick, Vantage Point Solutions

Jayson & Jaclyn Plamp, First Dakota National Bank / Avera Queen of Peace

Doug & Shiori Powers, Innovative Systems

Kathryn Murphy & Mark Puetz, Mitchell School District / Puetz Corporation

Brandi Redel, Hendrickson Trailer

Randy & Rochelle Reider, BankWest / Avera Queen of Peace

Steve & Debra Rice, Innovative Systems / Dice Financial Services Group

Christopher Roeder, Trail King Industries

Richard Rozum, Vern Eide Ford

Cullen & Mary Schmike, Vantage Point Solutions / Mitchell School District

Kathy Mills & Wayne Schneider, Mitchell School District / Muth Electric

Rod & Bobbi Schurz, FARR Technologies / SD Dept. of Social Services

Lou & Carol Sebert, Resident

Ben & Joni Sevignyi, Vern Eide Ford / Firesteel Healthcare Center

Joe & Aggie Shields, Resident

John & Dana Sieck, Vantage Point Solutions / Safe Haven Vet. Hospital

Jeff & Lynne Smit, CorTrust Bank / Mitchell Technical Institute

Clifford Smyth, Trail King Industries

Pete & Liz Spates, CHR Solutions / Avera Queen of Peace

Ryan & Nicole Stahle, Mitchell School District / Vantage Point Solutions

Jim & Joyce Stewart, County Fair Food Stores

Todd & Julie Stickler, Muth Electric

Dan & Pat Sudbeck, Self Employed / Avera Queen of Peace

Greg Swearingen, Trail King Industries

Paul & Kristy Szabo, Abbott House / Vantage Point Solutions

Marty Takagi, Toshiba NA

Brandy Thomas, Trail King Industries

Tim & Kelly Thompson, Trail King Industries

Gordon & Shirley Thomsen, Resident

Bryce Thornton, Trail King Industries

Thomas Totton, Vantage Point Solutions

Jean M Turner, Innovative Systems

Jon Vermeulen, City of Mitchell

Doug & Beth Walz, Muth Electric

Eric Walz. Innovative Systems

Korrie & Cheryl Wenzel, Daily Republic

Mark & Michelle White, City of Mitchell / Mueller Lumber

Jim & Marilyn Wilson, Vern Eide Ford / City of Mitchell

Robert & Laurie Young, CorTrust Bank / Avera Queen of Peace


Kevin & Vicki Adams, Dakota Wesleyan University / CorTrust Bank

Jeremy & Kristi Andersen, Trail King Industries

The Anderson Family, Innovative Systems /Avera Queen of Peace

Robert Arends, CorTrust Bank

LuRay & Loretta Asbenson, Resident

Terry & Cheryle Aslesen, Mitchell School District

Marilyn & Fred Bailey, CorTrust Bank

Jon & Dana Bassett, CHR Solutions

Charlie Bates, Vern Eide Ford

Jason & Suzanne Bates, Big Dummy's/Longhorn Bar / Hendrickson Trailer

Lori & Jack Baye, Wells Fargo Bank

Dave & Brenda Bechen, Muth Electric

Doug & Geri Beck, Innovative Systems

Neil & Emily Bender, Avera Queen of Peace

Adrienne S Benson, Abbott House

Brad & Lisa Berens, Mitchell School District / Home Federal Bank

Jerry Bertsch, Northwestern Energy

Ron & Audrey Beukelman, Beukelman Insurance Agency

Bradley Big Crow, Twin City Fan

Timothy Bingham, Trail King Industries

Chad Blasé, Muth Electric

Cody Block, Twin City Fan

Ryan & Jen Block, Muth Electric

Dan & Ramona Bloodgood, Avera Queen of Peace

William Bowling, Trail King Industries

Curtis & Doreen Brands, Innovative Systems

George & Pat Breidenbach, Resident

Chris Brink, Vern Eide GM

Stephanie Brooks, Dakota Counseling Institute

David & Roxi Brown, CorTrust Bank / LifeQuest

Scott Brown, United Parcel Service

Joe & Jan Brtna, Mitchell Technical Institute / Avera Queen of Peace

Kevin Buchholz. Trail King Industries

David Buck, Trail King Industries

Jim & Deb Buck, Avera Queen of Peace / Mitchell Clinic

Dan & Paula Bures, BankWest / Mitchell School District

Lonnie Callies, LifeQuest

Norma Cameron, Resident

Charlie Carlson, Tessier's Inc.

Dan & Kathy Carlson, Safety Benefits / First Dakota National Bank

Tracie Chamberlin, Trail King Industries

Jacqson & Melissa Collins, First National Bank / Edward Jones

Thom Crane, Hendrickson Trailer

Dale & Barb Cunningham, Trail King Industries

Mike & Beth Day, SD National Guard / Dakota Wesleyan University

Andy & Dana Deinert, Vantage Point Solutions / Dice Financial Services Group

Darren Deirbeck, Vantage Point Solutions

Bill & Liz Delehant, Avera Queen of Peace

Eric & Sherri Denning, Mt. Vernon School / Avera Queen of Peace

Trevor & Julie Dierks, First Dakota National Bank / Avera Queen of Peace

Jolyn Doering, Vantage Point Solutions

Sukie Douglas. Trail King Industries

Heath & Kristi Driscoll. CorTrust Bank / Mitchell School District

Bryce Thompson & Chelsea Durfee, Trail King Industries

Jay Duvall, Jack's Campers

Martin & Lila Eilts, County Fair Food Stores / CHR Solutions

Troy Eilts, Innovative Systems

Julius Elam, Twin City Fan

Jamie & Tyann Eldeen, ELO Prof. LLC

Freddy & Bonnie Ellis, Graham Tire

Jason Ellwein, Dakota Counseling Institute

Oliver Endres, Trail King Industries

Brian & Kris Enga, Vantage Point Solutions

John Engelland, Vern Eide Ford

Matt Engelland, Vern Eide Ford

Melanie Ettswood, Avera Queen of Peace

Kelly Everson, rail King Industries

John Fanning, Trail King Industries

Paul Farmer, Hendrickson Trailer

Greg & Darcy Feiner, nnovative Systems

Craig Fergen, Northwestern Energy

Lori Fett, Innovative Systems

William & Robin Flett, Avera Queen of Peace

Jeff & Kathy Fouberg, Graphics Packaging/Avera Queen of Peace

Jeremiah Fouberg, Trail King Industries

Patricia Fox, Dakota Counseling Institute

Jerry & Nancy Fradet, City of Mitchell / Fischer Rounds & Associates

Robert Freeman, Trail King Industries

Ernie Frey, Pepsi Cola Bottling

Pam Fristad, Avera Queen of Peace

Karen Gedstad, First National Bank

Emily George. Dakota Wesleyan University

Greg Geppert, Trail King Industries

Heidi Geppert, LifeQuest

Ryan & Summer Geraets, Mitchell Seed / American Red Cross

Dave Getty, United Parcel Service

Josh & Kristen Gillen, Innovative Systems

Billy & Barb Goldammer, Resident

Jim & Becky Grace, Mitchell Technical Institute / Muth Electric

Eric & Lynn Grajkowske, Muth Electric

Carol Grode-Hanks, Mitchell Technical Institute

Ron Hahne, Pepsi Cola Bottling

Jennifer & Craig Haiar. Avera Queen of Peace

Bruce & Marlene Haines, City of Mitchell

Russell Hallenstein, Vantage Point Solutions

Randy Hanssen, County Fair Food Stores

Jan Hanten, County Fair Food Stores

Jennifer Haring, Avera Queen of Peace

Curt & Kelly Hart, Dakota Wesleyan University / Avera Queen of Peace

Will & Cortney Haugen, First Dakota National Bank /

Smart Project Management LLC

Leonard Heckel, LifeQuest

John Heemstra, Mitchell Technical Institute

Dan Heidinger, Vern Eide Ford

Keith Henglefelt, Tessier's Inc.

Lawrence & Carol Hettinger, Resident

Cindy Hockett, Century 21 - Fischer Rounds & Associates

Marty & Julie Hoffmann, Hoffmann Insurance/Avera Queen of Peace

Ron & Becky Holter, Dakota Conference of the United Methodist Church

Lou Ora Houk, Wesley Acres

Scott & Carla Houwman, Avera Queen of Peace / Puetz Corporation

Jacob Hoven, Trail King Industries

John & LaRae Husmann, Dakota Wesleyan University / Mutual of Omaha

Zane Ireland, Trail King Industries,

Terri & Al Jacklin, Toshiba NA / AKG

Jennifer & Michael Jacks, Avera Queen of Peace

Jeff Jaton, Northwestern Energy

Jason Jennings, United Parcel Service

Raymond Johnson Trail King Industries

Marilee Johnson-Geary, Abbott House

Charles E Jones Jr., City of Mitchell

Brint Jorgenson, Trail King Industries

Steven & Laura Jorgenson, Trail King Industries

Donovan & Amy Jonnassen Trail King Industries

Dennis & Wyonne Kaemingk, State of South Dakota /Dakota Wesleyan University

Matthew Karleskint, Trail King Industries

Christopher Kauk, Trail King Industries

Paul Kaus, SD Dept. of Transportation-Area

Basil Kelley, Trail King Industries

Billie & Harold Kelly, City of Mitchell / Muth Electric

Myra & Steve Kennedy, Abbott House / Trail King Industries

Daryl & Velda Kilstrom. LifeQuest / Dice Financial Services Group

Kari Kirchmeyer, Avera Queen of Peace

Susan & Douglas Kirkus. Resident

Gene & Liz Kitchens, Vern Eide GM / Home Federal Bank

Kayonnie & Brandon Kitto. Daily Republic / Twin City Fan

James & Ione Klinger. Vern Eide Ford / Mitchell School District

Eric Klooz, Abbott House

Nick Kocourek. Avera Queen of Peace

Jeanice Korzan, SD Dept. of Transportation-Area

James Kost, Trail King Industries

Mike Kowall, Avera Queen of Peace

Jerry & Bonnie Krcil. Resident

Ryan & Jessica Kremer, Hendrickson Trailer / Fusion Church

Richard & Theresa Kriese, Mitchell School District / Dakota Wesleyan University

Robert & Annette Kroger, Daily Republic / Rew's TV

Marcia Lachnet, Avera Queen of Peace

Mike & JoAnna LaFortune, Vern Eide Ford / Twin City Fan

Jessica Lang, LifeQuest

Eric Larson, Avera Queen of Peace

Jeff Larson, Avera Queen of Peace

Pam Larson. First Dakota National Bank

Paul Larson, CorTrust Bank

Ted Larsonm Trail King Industries

Samson & Karla Laufmann, Avera Queen of Peace / South Central Child Development

Keith & Carol Lehr, Innovative Systems

Vicki Lehrman, Avera Queen of Peace

Gary & Rita Lemon, Self Employed / Avera Queen of Peace

Tim & Pat Lieschner, Avera Queen of Peace

Mark & Carol Limberg, LifeQuest

Shawn Linke, Twin City Fan

Lori Long, ELO Prof. LLC

Rolland & Ella Loon, Resident

Anthony Lunsford, Trail King Industries

Donald Lura, Trail King Industries

Troy Macy, Trail King Industries

Bill & Deb Maddocks, Farm Credit Services of American /Avera Queen of Peace

Tanya & Craig Magee, Avera Queen of Peace

Dorothy Malde, Wesley Acres

Laura Marquardt, Avera Queen of Peace

Paul & Jennifer Mayer, Muth Electric

Vickie Mayer, Toshiba NA

Angie McCain, Avera Queen of Peace

Kevin McCardle, Jack's Campers

Terrance McCarty, Trail King Industries

Daniel McFarland, Trail King Industries

Kurt & Rosemary Menning, Jack's Campers

Kyle Milekovich, Muth Electric

Derrick Miller, Muth Electric

Kyle & Jacki Miskimins, Cellular Only / Mitchell Convention & Visitors Bureau

Carrie & Ryan Mitchell, Mitchell Telecom

Kim & Mike Mohr, Dakota Wesleyan University / Northwestern Mutual

Jean & Barry Moller, Graphics Packaging / Vantage Point Solutions

Kim Moore, Abbott House

David & Ann Morris, Resident

Sam Munsen, United Parcel Service

Paul & Deb Muth, Muth Electric

Ron & Kim Muth, Muth Electric

Jim & Cheryl Myers,Resident

Jon & Christina Nath, Dakota Counseling Institute / CHR Solutions

Darlene Nedved, Trail King Industries

Becky Nelson, Abbott House

Rebekah Nelson, LifeQuest

Chad Nemec, Daily Republic

Danna Jo & Rick Neugebauer, Innovative Systems / Car Quest

Brian & Renee Nicholson, Hendrickson Trailer / Avera Queen of Peace

Dan & Renee Niehus, Extreme Clean/First National Bank

Pam Nielson Boline. Dakota Wesleyan University

Joshua Nix, Trail King Industries

Loren & Nancy Noess, Central Electric Coop

Patty O'Connor. Fischer Rounds & Associates

Kylie & Cory Odell, Dice Financial Services Group / Krohmer Plumbing

Brian Oftedahl, Tessier's Inc.

Suzy Olinger, Fischer Rounds & Associates

Brad & Sarah Olson, Vern Eide Ford/ First National Bank

Brenda Olson, Avera Queen of Peace

Deb Olson, Toshiba NA

Doug & Joyce Olson, Avera Queen of Peace

Mike & Michelle Ommen, Innovative Systems

Tom & Laura O'Neill, Avera Queen of Peace

Ron & Mary Paradeis, Wells Fargo Bank

Jeanson Pata, Trail King Industries

Tom & Sherri Patzer, Patzer Woodworking / Avera Queen of Peace

Bryce Peterson, Trail King Industries

Stan Peterson, Campbell Supply Co

Kelly & Ashley Pfeifer, Vantage Point Solutions / Avera Queen of Peace

Brian & Ranae Phinney, Avera Queen of Peace

Julie Brookbank & Philip Picha, Mitchell Technical Institute / Toshiba NA

Daniel Piehl, Hendrickson Trailer

Andrew Glass & Amanda Pierce. Trail King Industries

Troy Pierce, Hendrickson Trailer

Chris & Terra Plamp, ELO Prof. LLC

Carl Plastow, Avera Queen of Peace

Richard & Deborah Platt, BankWest

Bob & Betty Polly, Jack's Campers / Avera Queen of Peace

Linda Powell, LifeQuest

Ryan Powell, Trail King Industries

Barb Pratt, Avera Queen of Peace

Andrew & Charissa Priebe, First National Bank

Eric Prunty, SD Dept. of Transportation -Area

Vickie Prusha, Dakota Counseling Institute

Rachel Quick, Trail King Industries

Randall Rainey, Twin City Fan

David Rauscher, Trail King Industries

Jim & Gail Reyne, Innovative Systems

Terry & Fran Rietveld, Will Funeral Chapel / First Dakota National Bank

Jeremy & Kristi Riggs, Superior Spray Foam / Avera Queen of Peace

Linda Rishling, City of Mitchell

Dustin Rodiek, City of Mitchell

Denny & Becky Rolfes, Central Electric Coop

Dave & Maxine Ronnes, Toshiba NA

Stuart Rothschadl, Avera Queen of Peace

John & Tona Rozum, Stifel Nicolaus

John & Kim Rubendall, Avera Queen of Peace

Helen & Bill Runge, Dice Financial Services Group

Eric & Darcy Sabers, Innovative Systems / Self-employed

Todd & Becky Sapp, Vantage Point Solutions

Ed Sargent, Graham Tire

Dorothy A. Sattler, Resident

Cherie & Ronald Scheich, Muth Electric / Krohmer Plumbing

Len Scheich, Avera Queen of Peace

Patty Scheich, Avera Queen of Peace

Paul Schelske, Muth Electric

Robert & Becka Schelske, First Dakota National Bank / Avera Queen of Peace

Brandon Schieckoff, Toshiba NA

Bill & Liz Schiefen, Aurora Plains Academy / Innovative Systems

Cynthia Schilling, Mitchell School District

Ken Schlimgen, Central Electric Coop

John & Denise Schmidt, Muth Electric

Billy & Kristi Schneider, Muth Electric / LifeQuest

Joanne Schorzman, United Parcel Service

Paul Schreck, Grinnell Mutual

Bryant Schroeder, Trail King Industries

Tom & Stacy Schuman, Muth Electric

Bonnie Scott, LifeQuest

Bill & Jane Sebert, Dakota Pump/Avera Queen of Peace

Angela Seitz, Dakota Counseling Institute

Tom Selland, Pepsi Cola Bottling

Jim & Kristi Senger, Wells Fargo Bank

Laura Senska, Daily Republic

Steve & Lynnette Shattuck, Independent Viking Glass/ Avera Queen of Peace

Jason Shelton, United Parcel Service

Monty Shipman, Trail King Industries

Brett Sinkie, Hendrickson Trailer

Adam & Jody Smith, Morgan Theeler LLP

Faith Smith, Abbott House

Keith Smith, LifeQuest

Lorna Smith, Trail King Industries

Veronnica Smith, Avera Queen of Peace

Paula Smith-Swanson, Avera Queen of Peace

Mike Speas, Avera Queen of Peace

Mark Spitzenberger. CHS -Farmers Alliance

Dustin Stahl, CorTrust Bank

Fred Stahl, Resident

Jeremy Stahl, Trail King Industries

Joel & Audrey Stahl, Stahl's Collision Center / CorTrust Bank

Don & Leona Stehly, Stehly Farms

Gene & Denise Stehly, Stehley Farms

Danniel Steinmetz, Hendrickson Trailer

Jason & Noelle Stoebner, Home Federal Bank / John Paul II School

Dawn Strand, Avera Queen of Peace

Greg VonWold, Mitchell Technical Institute

Todd & Rise Waldera, Avera Queen of Peace

Donald Walker, Muth Electric

Jason & Sarah Wear, Hearing Plus / SD Dept. of Social Services

Bobbi Weber, Avera Queen of Peace

Martin Weber, Trail King Industries

Donna Weiland, Wesley Acres

Mark Wenzel, CHR Solutions

Douglas Wermers, Trail King Industries

Justin West, Trail King Industries

Russ & Jean Whaley, Trail King Industries

Donna Wieczorek, Resident

Lisa Williams, Avera Queen of Peace

Fred Wolf, Trail King Industries

Tom & Kim Young, Avera Medical Group

Ryan & Misty Zilla, Toshiba NA / Bean Box & Grounded Espresso Bar

Brad & Rhonda Zomer, First National Insurance

Jesse Killian & Stephanie Stransky, Twin City Fan / LifeQuest

Tallon Stunes. Trail King Industries

Courtney Swank, County Fair Food Stores

David Sweigart, Trail King Industries

Sandy Syrstad, Abbott House

Carrie Tesch, LifeQuest

Anna & John Thompson, Innovative Systems

Keith & Gloria Thompson, Ag Systems Inc. / Dakota Wesleyan University

Joel & Audrey Thornberg, Trail King Industries

Louise & Kevin Thurman, Wells Fargo Bank / City of Mitchell

Robert Tilton, Trail King Industries

Terry & Judy Timmins, Resident

Pernell Titze, Vantage Point Solutions

Ken & Lois Tracy, City of Mitchell

Christy Treib, Avera Queen of Peace

Gary & Renee Trisco, Mitchell Technical Institute / Avera Queen of Peace

Seth & Shelly Tupper, Daily Republic / CakeWerks

Jolyn Van Roekel, Dakota Counseling Institute

Norman Vanwey, Trail King Industries

Dave & Angie Victor,Toshiba NA / Avera Queen of Peace



Trail King Industries, Inc.

SPIRIT OF CARING AWARD ($40,000 - $49,999)

Avera Queen of Peace Associates

LEADERSHIP AWARD ($30,000 - $39,999)

HUMANITARIAN AWARD ($20,000 - $29,999)

Innovative Systems, L.L.C.

GRAND ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ($15,000 - $19,999)

Muth Electric, Inc.

Vantage Point Solutions


CorTrust Bank

County Fair Food Store

First National Bank SD/Insurance

Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems


Toshiba North America

Wells Fargo, N.A.

KEY AWARD ($7,500 TO $9,999)

First Dakota National Bank SD

Independent Viking Glass

Vern Eide Ford

AWARD OF EXCELLENCY ($5,000 - $7,499)

Bank West

Coborn's Superstore

Dakota Counseling Institute

Dakota Wesleyan University

The Daily Republic

Mitchell Technical Institute

United Parcel Service

SERVICE AWARD ($3,000 - $4,999)

Abbott House

Camp Arroya, Inc.

Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.

CHR Solutions


Firesteel Health Care Center

Fischer, Rounds & Associates/Century 21

Jack's Campers

NorthWestern Energy

Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.

Tessier's, Inc.

Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd.

Vern Eide Chevrolet Buick GMC


GOLD ($2,000 - $2,999)

Dice Financial Services Group

Puetz Corporation

Scott Supply

Wesley Acres Residents & Staff

SILVER ($1000 - $1,999)

Bauer Dental Studio

Big Green Aurora

Chamber of Commerce

City of Mitchell -Parks & Recreation

Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Dental Care Center

Dental Designs

Exchange Club of Mitchell

Farmers Alliance

Fulton State Bank

CHS/James Valley Nursery

KMIT and KOOL98 Radio

McLeod Printing & Office Supply

Meyers Oil Company

Mitchell Lions Club

Mitchell Rotary Club

Mitchell School-Gertie Belle Rogers

Mitchell School-Senior High School

Mitchell United Way Employees

Mueller Lumber Company

NuStar Energy

Schmucker, Paul & Nohr

SD-Department of Transportation -Area

SD-Department of Transportation Regional

SD-Social Services Department

Senior Citizens Center


Stifel Nicolaus

T K Electric


BRONZE ($500 - $999)

Bailey Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Basin Electric

Big Brother, Big Sister

Boyd's Gun Stock Industries, Inc.

Bussmus Construction Co.

City of Mitchell-Police Department/Traffic/Animal Control

City of Mitchell -Wastewater Treatment Plant/Utilities

Coachlight Motel

Commercial Asphalt /Spencer Quarries

Dailey Dental Inc.

Dakota Mfg. Company

Davison County Implement

Drs. Bleeker & Nydam

Farm Credit Services

Fuchs Orthodontics

Graham Tire Company

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance

Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

Harm's Oil

Harve's Sport Shop

Home Federal Bank

Iverson Chrysler Center

Krall Eye Clinic

Krohmer Plumbing

Logan Luxury 5 Theatres

Miedema Sanitation

Mitchell School-FOOD SERVICE

Mitchell School-L. B. Williams Elementary

Mitchell School-Middle School/Administrative

Mitchell Telecom

Morgan Theeler, LLP

New York Life Insurance Co. - Dave Jorgenson

Stehly Farms

The Dental Clinic

U. S. Bank

United Methodist Conference Center

Wiese Services


Luke Hagen was promoted to editor of the Mitchell Republic in 2014. He has worked for the newspaper since 2008 and has covered sports, outdoors, education, features and breaking news. He can be reached at
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