South Dakota company makes signs for veteran parking spaces

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YANKTON (AP) - A South Dakota company is making "Reserved For Veterans" parking signs for businesses.

Robert Lindsay of Midwest Striping in Yankton has started making the signs to let veterans park closer to businesses, The Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan reported. Midwest Striping donates the signs to interested businesses.

Lindsay is a sergeant in the South Dakota Army National Guard. He said he came up with the idea before his last deployment about two years ago.

"I left (for deployment) and figured I'd hold off until this year," he said. "I threw the idea around at a few places before I left and they sounded pretty interested."

Lindsay said it's a chance to provide a service for those who have served.


"With our business, this is one easy way to give back to veterans and the local community," he said.

So far, a Hy-Vee and Charlie's Pizza House have spots designated for veterans. Lindsay says two local archery complexes will also be getting signs.

Lindsay said some businesses have expressed interest in the idea, but haven't been able to commit to the signs because of space.

"A lot of places want to do it but can't because they have really limited parking," he said. "Even the ones that can't do it love the idea."

Lindsay said he may create similar signage for spaces for emergency personnel, such as firefighters and police officers.

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