Single building permit sets annual record in Yankton County

YANKTON, S.D. (AP) - Yankton County issued only one building permit in January, but it was a record-setting one.

The permit issued to Dakota Plains Ag Center LLC is for a $25.1 million grain-sorting facility at Napa Junction, the Daily Press & Dakotan reported.

The county's record for building permit valuation in one year had been $19 million, set in 2007, according to Planning and Zoning Director Pat Garrity. Last year's permits totaled just under $16 million.

"It gives you the scope of how big this project is," Garrity said. "The county has been doing building permits and keeping good records since 2002, and this one beats every one since then and it's a single project."

Dirt work could begin as early as next month, Dakota Plains CEO Matt Winsand said. The Dakota Plains grain facility is to be the centerpiece of a proposed industrial rail park that could host a number of businesses that rely on railroad service.


"We've had a lot of people call, ask a lot of questions, but nobody has really put their foot down because they're waiting to see if it actually gets built," he said. "They want to see some dirt moved and some buildings erected, and then I think it's going to be a fun ride after that."

The purchase of 188 acres of land for $4.5 million for the project also helped push real estate sales in the county last year to a record $103.4 million, according to Register of Deeds Brian Hunhoff. The previous record was $98.3 million in 2013.

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