Should Mitchell begin taking Plankinton's trash to our city's landfill?

L&L Sanitation is seeking to haul up to 8 tons of trash per month to the Mitchell Regional Landfill.

Garbage is piled up at the Mitchell Regional Landfill. (Matt Gade / Republic)

Mitchell’s landfill could see an increase in trash being hauled to the facility in the near future, as a nearby rural sanitation company is seeking to haul waste to the landfill.

The Mitchell City Council will consider approving L&L Sanitation’s request to haul up to 8 tons of trash per month to the Mitchell Regional Landfill, located about 4 miles south of Mitchell. The council will consider approving the request during its 6 p.m. meeting on Monday at City Hall.

According to Street and Sanitation Supervisor Kevin Roth’s memo to the council, the Plankinton sanitation company would be hauling “limited amounts of trash” from National Foods to the Mitchell landfill. National Foods is an egg producing and processing facility located in Plankinton, which is outside of the area that Mitchell’s landfill serves for surrounding rural communities.

To haul up to 8 tons of trash per month to the landfill, the company is asking for a rate of $45 per ton, plus the $3 per ton fee, which equates to $48 per ton, Roth noted. As of now, the city charges private garbage haulers a fee of $45 per ton to dispose of trash at the landfill. The rate was recently adjusted in 2019, which increased about 20% from the previous $36 per ton fee.

In Roth’s memo, he explained that L&L Sanitation would be charged the current out-of-jurisdiction rate of $65 per ton to haul trash that exceeds 8 tons.


The city has been in the process of constructing a new trash cell at the landfill to continue maximizing its space and the overall life span of the landfill. Mitchell’s landfill is about 15 years into its estimated 130-year life cycle.

Roth noted that the increase in quantity that Mitchell’s landfill receives from surrounding area towns is “insignificant.” To give an example of how much trash Mitchell’s landfill collects on an annual basis, in 2017, just under 31,000 tons of trash was collected at the facility.

Consent agenda

The following items will be considered as part of the consent agenda:

  • Approve the minutes and reports from the following meetings: Sept. 20 and Sept.. 27 City Council meetings; Aug. 26 and Sept. 13 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

  • Approve acceptance of recreation trail grant program.

  • Approve authorizing the city to apply for a South Dakota Humanities Council grant.

  • Approve the following raffle permits: Dakota Riptide with the drawing to be held on Dec. 5; Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo with the drawing to be held on Dec. 11, 2021; Mitchell Music Boosters with the drawings to be held on Dec. 2-4 and April 7-9, 2022; American Legion Post 18 with the drawing to be held on Mar. 1, 2022 or when all tickets are sold.

  • Approve the following volunteer board appointments: Melissa Schwalm to the Main Street Business Improvement District Board to fill an unexpired term to run October 2021 to December 2021; John Foster to the Corn Palace Entertainment Board for a term to run October 2021 to September 2024.

  • Approve change order No. 2 to bid schedule A for sidewalk project to Top Grade Concrete, LLC.

  • Approve gas and fuel quotes.

  • Approve Oct. 4 pay estimates.

  • Approve bills, payroll, salary adjustments, new employee hires, authorization of recurring payments and other expenses.

Other business

  • Recite pledge of allegiance and receive invocation from Mitchell Wesleyan Church.

  • Hear citizens input.

  • Meet as Board of Adjustment.

  • Hold hearing and take action on the following applications: Jason Bates’ application for a north side-yard variance of 0 feet vs. 3 feet as required for an addition located at 1112 N. Rowley St., legally described as lot 16, block 4, D.A. Scotts Addition, in the city of Mitchell. The property is zoned R2 single family residential.

  • Set the date for the following hearings: Oct. 18, Ryan and April Kirkpatrick have applied for a side-yard on a corner variance of 0 feet vs. 20 feet as required to construct an attached pergola at 823 E. Fifth Ave., legally described as Lot 1, Block 11, F.M. Greene Addition, in the city of Mitchell. The property is zoned R2 Single-Family Residential District; Oct. 18, Abbott House has applied for a Conditional Use Permit to construct an asphalt parking facility at 1812 N. Minnesota St., legally described as Lot 6 Ex south 16 feet, Block 9 of Fullerton Properties First Addition, in the city of Mitchell. The property is zoned R4 High Density Residential District.

  • Reconvene as City Council.

  • Hold hearings on the following alcohol licenses: Corn Palace Shrine Club’s application for a special event liquor license located at the Masonic Hall for an Oct. 29 event; Oct. 4, Overtime Properties Inc. doing business as Overtime Steakhouse and Sports Bar’s application to transfer retail (on-off sale) liquor license from 716 N. Rowley St., to Hohn Partnership, LLC, doing business as Platinum Players Club III, located at 719 N. Sanborn Blvd. Suite No. 3.

  • Approve action to reject bids for Rec Center fitness room project.

  • Approve medical cannabis establishment license application form.

  • Set the date for the city’s invitation period to accept medical marijuana dispensary applications.

  • Approve NAWCA grant agreement with Ducks Unlimited.

  • Approve agreement to renew towing services.

  • Approve resolution No. R2021-67, a plat of lots 1 & 2 in tract I and lots 9 & 10 in tract H, Wild Oak Golf Club Addition to the city of Mitchell, as requested by Firesteel Links, LLC.

Sam Fosness joined the Mitchell Republic in May 2018. He was raised in Mitchell, S.D., and graduated from Mitchell High School. He continued his education at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, where he graduated in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in English. During his time in college, Fosness worked as a news and sports reporter for The Volante newspaper.
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