The cost of childbirth: Average cost of raising a newborn exceeds $10K


Anna, Brooklyn, Logan and Charles will likely empty their parents' pocketbooks.

Some of the most popular baby names for newborns in 2017 at Avera Queen of Peace in Mitchell, those names are likely associated with happiness and new beginnings for their parents.

But it comes at a price — for a person with insurance coverage with a $1,000 deductible and 20 percent co-insurance, it's approximately $2,300 for a natural delivery and $3,400 for a cesarean section, plus anesthesiologist and physician fees.

And that's just for delivery.

According to information from Avera, the cost of raising a baby through the first year of life varies, but, on average, costs approximately $11,205, not including delivery fees.

"It's important to begin the discussion of maternity care costs by stating up-front that the out-of-pocket cost of having a baby will vary depending on a patient's insurance coverage," said Avera Health Operational Finance Officer Will Flett.

In 2017, the most popular female baby names in Mitchell were Anna, Brooklyn, Luna and Harper, each with four babies getting that name. For boys, Logan was used seven times, Charles or Charlie was used five times and Hudson and Liam were each used four times.

For the roughly 500 new mothers the Mitchell hospital cared for in 2017, the cost of their new bundles of joy could seem staggering.

Avera officials advise expectant parents to establish a budget, set up a college savings fund for the baby, write a will, get disability insurance and participate in a flexible spending account to ease the financial burden of having a baby.

And the hospital offers several free childbirth prep classes throughout the year and has a "Maybe a Baby" event scheduled for February, which discusses pregnancy and financial planning, nutrition, pain management and childbirth.

Following is a list of estimated expenses for a newborn baby, provided by Avera Health

Pregnancy expenses

• Maternity clothes — variable expense

• Prenatal vitamins — $15/month

• Childbirth classes — $70 for a series

• Other

Setting up a nursery

• Crib, mattress and bedding — $100 — $1,000+

• Dresser, changing table — $200 — $800+

• Car seat — $100 — $600+

• Stroller — $30 — $300+

• Swing, bouncy seat, baby monitor, diaper bag, toys, etc. — $200 —$2,000+

• Other

Feeding options

• Bottles and formula for one year — $1,500+

• Breast pump and supplies if breastfeeding — $300+

• First year of life

• Diapers and wipes — $1,200+/year

• Clothes — variable expense

• Child care — full-time is a minimum of $5,000/year

• Health care — well-baby and sick-baby care of $500+/year

• Other