MOUNT VERNON: School conducts Academic Awards Night

The following students won awards at the Academic Awards Night held May 10. Blood Drive Award: Girls' Team, Delayna Paulson, organizer. Hero Cord Awards: Cameron Deinert, Tim Wesseling, Cody Pohlen, Ashlee Dikof, Kody Weiss. HOBY: Deric Denning, ...

The following students won awards at the Academic Awards Night held May 10.

Blood Drive Award: Girls' Team, Delayna Paulson, organizer.

Hero Cord Awards: Cameron Deinert, Tim Wesseling, Cody Pohlen, Ashlee Dikof, Kody Weiss.

HOBY: Deric Denning, Hannah Parsons.

Girls State: Delayna Paulson, alternate, Alaina Bertsch.


Boys State: Jesse Olsen.

Valedictorian: Kody Weiss.

Salutatorian: Shay Johnson.

Senior Honor Students: Kody Weiss, Shay Jonnson, Jacob Sonne, Cameron Deinert, Quinton Koch, Cody Pohlen.

Regent Scholars: Cameron Deinert, Shay Johnson, Cody Pohlen, Jacob Sonne, Kody Weiss.

ASBSD Academic Recognition: Kody Weiss.

Greenway Leadership Award: Quinton Koch, Ashlee Dikoff.

Church/Community Leadership: Cody Pohlen, Kody Weiss.


Stampede Wrestling Club Scholarship: Quinton Koch, Miles Moody, Shay Johnson.

Davison County Pork Producers Scholarship: Miles Moody, Shay Johnson, Jake Sonne.

Cody Dawn Meier Scholarship: Shay Johnson.

PTC Scholarship: Shay Johnson, Jacob Sonne.

Jim Greene Scholarship: Shay Johnso.

Pioneer Seed: Jacob Sonne.

Ray Judy: Cody Pohlen.

Laska Schoenfelder: Jake Sonne.


Terry Mathis Memorial Scholarship: Cameron Deinert.

SDSU: Shay Johnson, (Jackrabbit Guarantee, Ag Eng-Bio Systems Dept., SD Opportunity Scholarships.)

Mount Marty College: Cameron Deinert, Achievement Scholarship.

MTI: Chase Geppert, Legacy Scholarship.

Math Awards: A's all four quarters: Geometry: Ashley Graves; Calculus: Cameron Deinert, Chase Geppert, Shay Johnson; Integrated math: Ashlee Dikoff; Algebra II: Phil Millar, Tory Walz; Trig: Delayna Paulson, Megan Wieczorek.

New Student Council officers 2012-13 school year: president, Brian Vermeulen; vice presicent, Jaylen Larson; secretary, Delayna Paulson; treasurer, Emily Sutherland.

SS Awards, A's all four quarters: Geography: Charlie Mahaffey; American History: Megan Wieczorek; World History: Phillip Millar; Government: Shay Johnson.

One-Act Plays: Best actor, best comic relief: Bobby Beach-Pattison; Best actress: Alexa Brtna; Best supporting actors: Cameron Deinert, Jacob Sonne; Best supporting actress: Kelsey Hanson; Best stage crew hand: Jared Long.


Oral Interp: Deric Denning, Superior at State Contest.

Science: Students who placed at the DWU Science Fair were acknowledged.

English: A's all four quarters: English I: Charlie Mahaffey, Cody Kluth, Hanah Paulson, Haley Hinker, Chris Gormaker; English II: Hannah Parsons, Deric Denning, Phil Millar; English III: Jared Long, Delayna Paulson, Megan Wieczorek; English IV: Kody Weiss, Shay Johnson, Jacob Sonne, Cameron Deinert, Alexa Brtna.

Technology Awards: Computer I: Charlie Mahaffey, Ashley Graves, Haley Hinker; Personal finance: Megan Wieczorek, Delayna Paulson, Alaina Bertsch; Networking: Chase Geppert.


Activities for the week of May 14-21 are as follows.

Tonya Pranger, Kelly Rus and Darcy Deinert will be holding practice for the Little League players on Monday, May 14, from 6 to 7 p.m. If you have any questions, please contact one of them for more details. Final deadline for signup is May 15. The next board meeting will be held May 30 at 6:45 p.m. at the baseball field. All parents with children involved are encouraged to be in attendance. The rookie tournament to be hosted by Mount Vernon July 14 has been canceled.

Today, May 14, through May 20 the varsity baseball tournament will be held.


Tuesday, May 15, the Athletic Awards will be held.

Wednesday, May 16, is the last day of the 2011-2012 school year.

Thursday, May 17, the Region track meet will be held at Joe Quintal Field.

The Mount Vernon American Legion Auxiliary is sponsoring a blood drive on Thursday, May 31, from 12:15 to 6 p.m. at the Mount Vernon High school.

Potential donors can contact Roberta Olsen at 236-5269 for an appointment or go to and make your appointment on line.

Remember that hero status isn't reserved only for those brave men and women who rush into burning buildings or step into the front lines of war. "There's a hero in all of us," said Lori Liebman, donor recruitment director of United Blood Services, this area's non-profit community blood service provider. "Ordinary people are saving lives every day. They do it while they are on lunch break or while they are running errands. They have found the hero in themselves by donating blood."

All volunteer blood donors must be at least 16 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health. If you are 16 or younger, you must have a signed permission from a parent or guardian. A picture ID is required of all donors.

A citywide rummage sale will be held from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 2. Contact Rhonda Deinert at 236-5388 or Jen Block at 236-5549 to be added to that list.

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