MHS seniors awarded scholarships

A number of scholarships were awarded to Mitchell High School seniors at the annual awards program Tuesday at the Sherman Center on the Dakota Wesleyan University campus.

A number of scholarships were awarded to Mitchell High School seniors at the annual awards program Tuesday at the Sherman Center on the Dakota Wesleyan University campus.

The following students received scholarships:

Tessier's Scholarship: Caitlin Beaty. Mitchell High School Alumni Scholarship: Chelsea Berg, Alexis Johnson, Katie Manson, Zach Parks, Ashley Weber.

SPOOFED Scholarship: Jake Habermann, Adam Meaney.

Special Scholarships: James Dunn, Carissa Scherschligt.


Edinger Family Agriculture and Technical Scholarships: Cody Plamp, Jake Habermann.

Rotary Scholars: Caitlin Beaty, Chelsea Berg, Brianna Bernard, Rhenneta Bork, Dani Bruscher, Reva Bork, Emily Grode, Blake Guymon, Joel Krause, Taryn Lehr, Joseph Manke, Katherine Manson, Adam Meaney, Courtney Miller, Tyler Osterloo, Joshua Schmitz, Brianna Sejnoha, Amanda Snyder, Megan Solberg, Michael Temple, Andrea Uher, Kali Voigt, Derek Wahle, Ashley Weber, Brandon Weber, Katrina Young, Nicholas Young.

Mitchell Exchange Club: Michael Temple, Megan Solberg, Courtney Miller, Danielle Bruscher, Trevor Flemmer, Nicholas Young, Tyler Osterloo, Brianna Bernard, Ashley Weber.

Exchange Club Youth of the Year:

Tyler Osterloo.

Students receiving scholarships:

Derek Ascherin: Nextstar Legacy Scholarship; Caitlin Beaty: Kansas State Legacy Scholarship, National Association of Women in Construction, Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Chenise Berens: NorthWestern Grant, Northwestern College Faculty Scholarship, Coyote Commitment Achievement Scholarship, Wolf Pact Scholarship, Van Hoy Scholarship from Doane College; Chelsea Berg: The Elmer R. and Robert D. Johnson Scholarship, Kiwanis Academic Award, Presidential Award, State of South Dakota Regent's Scholars Award, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship; Brianna Bernard: Coyote Commitment Leadership, Rawlins Scholarship; Reva Bork: Honors College Presidential Scholar Scholarship, Out of State Scholar Award, South Central South Dakota Regional Science and Engineering Fair Senior Grand Winner; Rhennetta Bork: Honors College Presidential Scholar Scholarship, Out of State Scholar Award, South Central South Dakota Regional Science and Engineering Fair Senior Grand Winner; Danielle Bruscher: Yellow and Blue Scholarship, Freeman Lewis Veterinary Science Scholarship, CorTrust Bank Mitchell High School Booster Club Scholarship; Ryan Buck: Mount Marty Incentive Award for outstanding accomplishments and achievements; April Byrd: Coyote Scholarship, Letcher Church Scholarship; CJ Carlson: Yellow and Blue Scholarship; Summer Carroll: Colorado Technical University Scholarship; Andrew Chenoweth: CorTrust/Booster Club Scholarship; Jessica Clelland: The Mitchell USBC Youth Scholarship; Lindi Clelland; Mitchell USBC Youth Scholarship; Nick Collins: 2011 Art Student of the Year; Sydney Dragseth: SDSU Anderson Family Scholarship, Booster Club Scholarship; South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship; Allison Duffett: Geneva Scholar Award; Jim Dunn: Iowa State University annual grant; Olivia Essig: Augustana College Augustana Scholarship, Hamline University Achievement Scholarship and Hamline University Music Scholarship, Morningside College Musical Talent Achievement Award, Morningside College Dean's Scholarship, Briar Cliff University Academic Achievement Award, University of South Dakota Coyote Commitment Achievement Scholarship; Trevor Flemmer: Aaron Douglas Scholarship, First Dakota Bank Family Scholarship, CorTrust/Booster Club Scholarship, Dave Brewer Memorial Award, Dan Ammon Memorial Award; Logan Freidel: Boys State Award, Army ROTC scholarship; Emily Grode: Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship; Blake Guymon: The George Beadle Scholarship; Ty Hamar: Harold Julifs Scholarship, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship; Megan Hart: SDSU Freshman Scholarship, Mitchell High School 2011 Exceptional Art Student award; Emily Heesch: Vice Presidential Housing Award, Mustang Award, Dean's Academic Award, Academic Scholars Award; Alexis Johnson: Augustana Scholastic Scholarship, Pro Musica Scholarship; Cole Johnson: Ruth Leverton Scholarship; Cristen Knigge; ACE award; Rebecca Knight: Folkerts Family 4-H Scholarship, Scott Mecham Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity Scholarship; Joel Krause: Presidential Scholarship U of Minnesota, College of Science and Engineering Freshman Scholarship, Barnes and Noble Valedictorian Scholarship, Coyote Commitment Veritas Scholarship, Davis Bahcall Scholarship; Taryn Lehr: Bush Foundation Teacher Scholarship, Rawlins Scholarship, Coyote Commitment Distinction Scholarship, Augustana Trustee Scholarship, Mitchell Music Boosters Scholarship; Angela Lorenzen: St. Catherine of Alexandria Academic Scholarship, St. Catherine Venture Scholarship, St. Catherine Alumnae Referral Scholarship, CorTrust Bank/Athletic Booster Club Scholarship; Joseph Manke: National Merit Scholarship Finalist, P. DeForrest and Edith McKeel CSC/Math Scholarship, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship; Katherine Manson: Coyote Commitment Leadership Scholarship, Bush Foundation Teacher Scholarship, WolfPACT Scholarship; Brook Mathey: NSU Music Scholarship, WolfPACT Scholarship; Adam Meaney: National Merit Scholar Finalist Scholarship, Principal's Leadership Award; Jeremy Miiller: Coyote Commitment Achievement Scholarship; Dillon Miles: Coyote Commitment Achievement Scholarship: Courtney Miller: Yellow and Blue Scholarship, Mount Marty College Dean's Scholarship, Volleyball Athletic Award, Mitchell Booster Club Scholarship, Mike Miller Scholarship, Jill McCormick Scholarship, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship; Charlee Nelson: U of Sioux Falls volleyball scholarship and Academic Scholarship, Mitchell Booster Club Scholarship; David Nowlin: Mitchell USBC Youth Scholarship; Tyler Osterloo: Augustana Scholarship and Tennis Scholarship, USF Endowment Scholarship, Harold and Lonette Presidential Honors Scholarship, U of Sioux Falls Cougar Scholarship and music scholarship, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship, semifinalist in National Merit Scholarship competition; Zach Parks: Yellow and Blue Scholarship; Kaitlyn Rath: Mitchell USBC Youth Scholarship; Carissa Schershligt: Mount Marty Incentive Award, Catholic Leadership Award, Mount Marty College Women's Soccer Award, Band Talent Award; Kelli Schlimgen: Richard J. Doyle Leadership Scholarship, Women's Softball Scholarship, Academic Achievement Scholarship, Catholic United Financial Scholarship; JP Smith: Yellow and Blue Scholarship; Brianna Sejnoha: Augustana Trustees Scholarship, Augustana Pro Musica Scholarship, Mitchell Music Booster Scholarship, Maurice K. Sejnoha Memorial Scholarship; Amanda Snyder: Ella Ollenberg Scholarship, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship; Megan Solberg: Morningside Alumni Grant, Athletic Grant, Travel Award, Dean's Scholarship Award, Achievement Award, and Merit Scholarship Recipient from Mount Marty College; Matthew Spates: Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship; Natasha Stern: State Softball Championship AU State Hitter; Michael Temple: Stephen F. Briggs Scholarship, David and Peggy Blegen Scholarship, U of Minnesota Presidential Scholarship, Coyote Commitment Leadership Scholarship, Provost's Scholarship from Notre Dame University; Jill Thill: 2011 Advance Art Student; Kelsey Thury: Mount Marty Incentive Award, Catholic Leadership Award, Band Talent Award; Andrea Uher: George Beadle Scholarship, Raikes Foundation Scholarship, Honors Program Textbook Scholarship, National Association of Theatre Owners Scholarship; Kali Voigt: Coyote Commitment Distinction Scholarship, WolfPACT Scholarship, Bette Connor Reinke Art Scholarship; Derek Wahle: Jackrabbit Guarantee Scholarship; Boyce Way: Coyote Commitment Scholarship; Kyra Webb: Augustana Scholarship, Buzz Bonus Scholarship, WolfPACT Scholarship, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship; Ashley Weber: SDSU Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship, Ella Ollenberg Scholarship, Mitchell Athletic Booster Club Scholarship; Brandon Weber: Coyote Commitment Promise Scholarship; Briana Weiss: Coyote Commitment Achievement Scholarship, Yellow and Blue Scholarship; Katrina Young: Coyote Commitment Achievement Scholarship, Roberta and Katherine Burris Scholarship, Mike and Sandy Cannon Scholarship, SDSU Swimming Scholarship; Nick Young: Clarkson Scholarship, Mike Miller Scholarship, CorTrust Bank/Mitchell Booster Club Scholarship.

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