Woman charged for December 1 aggravated assault in Tripp changes plea to guilty

Linsey Faye Yellow Hawk has changed her plea to guilty, after being arrested for aiming a loaded at gun at a man in Tripp. Plea hearing and trial to come.

An image of a revolver.
Credit: The Mitchell Republic

TRIPP — Linsey Faye Yellowhawk, the woman charged with aggravated assault for aiming a gun at a Tripp resident Dec. 1 2022, has filed a motion to change her plea to guilty. The hearing is set for March 15, with a jury trial date set for the window of June 20-23.

The 28 year-old resident of Mitchell was arrested by Douglas County deputy Darren Donnelson, after Donnelson received a 911 call from an apartment resident of South Vilhaurt Street. The caller described a woman who pointed a silver revolver at him that he could see was loaded. No reason was given in the police report for why the would-be assailant did not fire her weapon, who fled shortly thereafter in her van accompanied by a passenger.

Upon arriving at the scene, Donnelson corroborated the caller’s story with other residents, who also described a woman with the same loaded silver revolver.

After Yellowhawk drove off police in Parkston stopped the vehicle and detained the suspect. They then seized her loaded firearm, located in plain view behind the car’s center console. The passenger then told arresting officers that Yellowhawk, the driver, was the one responsible for pulling the gun. No bodily injuries occurred during the day’s proceedings.

Following an initial plea of not guilty January 23 this year, Yellowhawk, a first time offender, requested a change of plea to guilty to be heard in court March 15 at 1:30 p.m.


A trial is set for a day between June 20-23, the exact date and time to be announced.

Kai Englisch joined The Mitchell Republic in 2023, where he currently works as a general assignment reporter covering the greater Mitchell area. Englisch graduated from St. John's College in 2022, receiving a B.A. in Liberal Arts. He speaks German and conversational Spanish.
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