Juvenile deemed responsible in 'suspicious' Graham Tire fire

Mitchell's Department of Public Safety has identified a juvenile as the responsible party in a Monday fire at Graham Tire.

The Mitchell Fire Department responds to a set of tractor tires that caught fire on Monday evening behind Graham Tire along North Lawler Street in Mitchell. (Matt Gade / Mitchell Republic)
Matt Gade

Authorities have deemed one juvenile responsible for a Monday fire near downtown Mitchell that exploded tires and brought down a power line.

First responders were called to 720 N. Main St. just before 5 p.m. Monday, after a fire broke out among tire piles in the yard behind Graham Tire.

Two fire engines, police and paramedics all responded to the fire, which was burning approximately 30-35 tires, according to Mitchell Fire Chief Marius Larsen.

The fire led to multiple "explosions," as air inside the tires expanded and burst through the rubber, and one powerline fell as a result, Mitchell Fire Marshal Shannon Sandoval said in a press release. NorthWestern Energy was able to cut power to the fallen line, and crews extinguished the fire within an hour of the report.

Sandoval deemed the fire suspicious, leading the Mitchell Police Division to check on security footage from the area.


A juvenile male was was identified as the "responsible party." Sandoval said that further action will be taken through the juvenile court system, meaning identifying information about the juvenile will not be released.

The Mitchell Police Division did not immediately return a call requesting more information.

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