The city of Mitchell’s quest to construct another cell at the landfill received funding help from the State Board of Water and Natural Resources, which approved a $324,000 grant to the city on Thursday

The $324,000 grant comes through the Solid Waste Management Program and will help the city complete the $1.6 million project. The grant will be administered through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The grant was approved during Thursday’s state Board of Water and Natural Resources meeting.

Landfill cells are designated areas of land the city uses to compact the garbage that’s dumped at the landfill, and the city calculates the landfill's life expectancy through measuring the height of each cell. Each cell has different height limitations ranging from 30 to 40 feet, and when they're reached, city crews move onto the next cell.

According to City Engineer Joe Schroeder, the city will soon close cell No. 2 at the Mitchell Regional Landfill, located roughly 10 miles south of Mitchell. In the process of the city closing cell No. 2, the construction of cell No. 4 will allow the Mitchell Regional Landfill to operate at maximum capacity.

Schroeder said the city anticipates construction of cell No. 4 to begin in the upcoming spring.