In the latest Ipsos national poll of registered voters, the divide on key issues between political parties continues to be wide.

Some takeaways from the most recent polling:

  • President Donald Trump trails Democratic challenger Joe Biden by 9 percentage points, up 2% from last week's Reuters/Ipsos polling.
  • Forty-five percent of all respondents and 49% of all registered voters in the survey favored Biden. Trump fell two percentage points in all respondents, Democrats, Republicans and all registered voters in the poll.
  • In an unweighted sample size, 39% of all respondents approve of the way Trump is handling the job as president, down 3% from a week ago.
  • Four percent more of all respondents and 7% more Democrat-identified respondents said the ability to restore trust in American government was important to them, with 2% more of overall respondents favoring Biden in that category.
  • One percent more of overall respondents compared to last week strongly approve of the way Trump is handling employment and jobs.
  • Most respondents favor Trump in the areas of economy and job creation, immigration and being tough on crime and civil unrest compared to Biden.

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