During a special meeting on Thursday, the city Planning Commission approved the Ramada Inn and Suites' request for a permit to remodel the pool after the hotel made appropriate payments that they were behind on.

The vote of approval came after City Attorney Justin Johnson informed the Planning Commission during Monday's regular meeting that the hotel was nine months behind on the Business Improvement District (BID) tax payments, along with falling behind on water bill payments, which prompted the seven-person panel to unanimously table the permit until the payments were made or a plan was coordinated with the city.

The Ramada’s indoor swimming pool began experiencing issues during the spring of 2019 when the hotel performed a routine maintenance check that led to the ground underneath the pool raising and causing significant damage to the concrete floor of the pool, City Building Inspector John Hegg said during Monday’s regular meeting.

“Shortly after Monday’s meeting, we got in contact with the appropriate Ramada personnel, and they arranged a payment plan,” Johnson said. “The payment was made, and they wired the payment two days ago, and it cleared yesterday, so everything should be good to go.”

Following the meeting, Johnson declined to provide specific information about the payment plan. Citing privacy, he would not give information about how often the payments will be made to the city or the amount that's needed to be paid for the hotel to get its account in good balance. Though, he said the Ramada "will be making additional payments each month to get caught up" and that the hotel is "still looking to have to pay late fees on top of what they would normally have owed."

The tax the Ramada has failed to keep in good standing with the city is the BID No. 2 tax. It is a total of $1.50 per room per night and $1 of that goes toward the new indoor pool.

Prior to Monday’s regular meeting, Johnson said the hotel had not coordinated a payment plan with the city of Mitchell.