Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson was surprised with comments made during a prayer before a Mitchell City Council meeting Monday night, but he doesn’t foresee changes in the wake of the politically motivated expressions.

Cornerstone Baptist Pastor Calvin Jones was responsible for giving the prayer following the Pledge of Allegiance. A prayer before Mitchell City Council meetings is a regular occurrence from pastors throughout the community who rotate turns.

Within the the 1-minute, 36-second prayer, Jones said, “And we ask, dear Father, that you would look upon our nation and that your hand of protection would rest upon President Trump, and that, dear Father, you would be working to guide that our nation does not become what the leftists desire it to be. That you would preserve and you would enable us to remain a Constitutional Republic."

When reached by phone Friday, Everson said he would prefer the pre-council meeting prayer would not be political. He said the city does not review the prayer before it’s read.

“That surprised me a little bit, yes. They have freedom of speech, but I hope they use judicious thought when they put them together,” Everson said. "The point isn’t bash one party or another party or one person or another. The point is just to have a prayer at the beginning of the meeting.”

Jones' prayer also asked for the Lord's protection of military members and first-responders and for guidance and wisdom for the city's leaders.

Mitchell’s next scheduled city council meeting is Dec. 2 at Mitchell City Hall.