A new youth indoor recreation facility could be coming to Mitchell after the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the co-owners conditional use permit Monday.

The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the Long Brothers, LLC, and Christy Duba’s application for a conditional use permit to begin operating the indoor recreation facility at 113 W. Douglas Ave.

“We’re trying to start a youth center for boys and girls to help develop coordination, along with introducing active lifestyles,” Duba said to the Planning Commission.

Duba was a former Mitchell High School gymnast who previously worked as an instructor for Mega Gymnastics. Duba noted the main concern for the youth facility centers around parking availability, and she provided some details of the potential parking layout plans.

According to Duba, the capacity of each class would be eight to nine children. In addition, the classes will primarily run from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. However, Duba said there could be occasional classes that take place during the morning and afternoon hours from 9 a.m. to noon.

“Due to our size, and the drop off and pick up nature of the facility, we could fit six cars in the lot right in front of our building,” Duba said.

Long Brothers own the 60-by-80-foot building where the youth facility will be located. Should there be a need for additional parking, Dustin Long said the parking spaces in front of the building directly north of the location could be an option.

“That building is a recreational building for us as well, so we could open that up for parking if it’s necessary,” Long said of the neighboring 520 W. Douglas Ave. building.

Chairman Jay Larson said the high volume of gymnastics participation in the community could likely require some additional parking needs.

Considering the amount of traffic and children using the facility, Long pitched the idea of installing a stop sign at the intersection of West Douglas Avenue and South Rowley Street.

“That could help keep people from flying down the hill if there is ever an issue,” Long said, adding there is an existing stop sign at the intersection just one block south of the facility’s corner location.

The Mitchell City Council will take action on the conditional use permit at the September 16 meeting.