The Mitchell Parks and Recreation Department will put forward its plan to fund improvements at the city's skate park during tonight's City Council meeting.

A key piece of that plan is to apply for a $25,000 grant to cover a share of the $119,000 total cost. The application for that grant is subject to approval tonight, when the meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Mitchell City Hall.

Parks and Recreation Director Nathan Powell is seeking to apply for a $25,000 Wellmark Foundation Matching Assets Community Health grant, which would be used to help fund the updates at the skate park.

According to Powell's information provided to the council, the grant funds would go towards upgrading the city-owned skate park with the addition of a concrete skateboarding pool, a fun box with grinding rails and a concrete street course directly next to the proposed concrete pool.

Local skateboarders and bicyclists are in the midst of raising an additional $25,000 for the upgrades, while $69,000 of the skate park project would be requested through the city's 2020 budget process, according to Powell. Construction wouldn't begin until 2020, if the project is approved.

Also meeting Monday is the Sidewalk Committee at 6 p.m., along with the Public Health and Safety Committee immediately following.

Consent agenda

The following items will be considered as part of the consent agenda:

• Approve the minutes of the April 15 council meeting, and April 29 work session.

• Approve minutes from the March 25 city planning commission meeting.

• Approve department reports.

• Approve Sidewalk Committee and Public Health and Safety Committee meeting minutes.

• Approve minutes from April 8 Planning and Zoning Commission.

• Set the date for the following raffle permits: Mitchell Heart and Sole Cancer Walk and Coborn's with a drawing to be held on May 11; Moose Lodge #875 with a drawing to be held on August 31; Mitchell Aquatic Club with the drawing to be held on September 15, 2019.

• Approve taxi license application for Patrick Murray, of Lyft.

• Approve change order No. 1 for city project No. 2019-22, Sanborn Boulevard utility and street improvement phases II and III.

• Approve application for Department of Transportation capital grant funds for software and hardware.

• Approve purchase of a large field mower for Cadwell Park in the amount of $64,77.45.

• Approve airport independent fee evaluation for reconstruction of airport runway project, which city staff recommends entering an agreement with Ulteig, an engineering consulting firm. The estimated cost for the independent fee evaluation is $3,500.

• Approve gas and fuel quotations.

• Approve May 6 pay estimates.

• Approve bills, payroll, salary adjustments and new employee hires.

Other business

• Pledge of Allegiance, invocation from Harvest Community, roll call, hear citizens' input.

• Approve consent agenda.

• Meet as the Board of Adjustment and reconvene as the city council.

• Hold hearing on the following applications: On the application of the Corn Palace Shrine Club for a special event liquor license to be located at the Masonic Temple for weddings on June 7, June 14 and Sept. 21.

• Set date for Board of Adjustment hearings: May 20, 2019 for Terrance and Michelle Lynde's application for a front yard variance of 13 feet rather than 25 feet as required to construct a covered porch and placement of an accessory building at their home located at 324 E. 14th Ave; May 20 for Carlos and Alayna Reyes's application for a conditional use permit to operate a family residential child care center to be located at 412 E. 12th Ave., legally described as lot 11, block 1, city of Mitchell. The property is zoned R2 single family residential district.

• Hold hearing and action as Board of Adjustment for the following: Brenda Oleson and Dan Hauser's application for a front yard variance of 10 feet vs. 25 feet as required for moving of an existing accessory building located at 721 W. Hanson Ave. The property is zoned R2 single family residential district; Gary and Sandy Butterfield's application for a backyard variance of 20 feet vs 25 feet as required and an oversized variance of 1,848 square feet vs 1,200 square feet as required for the purpose of constructing an accessory building located at 700 W. Pine Ave. The property is zoned PD Mueller Lumber Morningview subdivision planned development district; On Sight Storage's application for a conditional use permit to operate a self-service storage facility located at 120 S. Lawler St., which is the current location of The Daily Republic. The property is zoned as Central Business District.

• Reconvene as city council.

• Approve awarded bid to Commercial Asphalt, of Mitchell, for paving and overlay projects in the amount of $594,652. The paving and overlay projects include Rowley Street from Havens to Andrews Streets, Spruce Street from Burr to Rowley Streets, Cabela Drive from Rowley to Spruce Streets, West Harmon Drive near 407th Avenue and the Canal Bridge. The parking lots included in the project are Second Avenue and Rowley Street, James Valley Community Center and the Rec Center parking lots. The city's street maintenance budget for overlay and road patching projects is $554,992, while the parking lots budget is at $100,000.

• Hold hearing and action on a resolution declaring the necessity for the construction of sidewalks on certain streets in the city of Mitchell, which includes Spruce from Burr Street to Cabela Drive, Cabela Drive from Spruce Street, South Rowley Street from Miedema driveway to Norway Street, West Seventh Avenue from Edgerton to Iowa Streets, West Eighth Avenue between Edgerton and Iowa Streets and Main Street from Bypass to existing sidewalk in front of the Palace Mall.

• Authorize Resolution No. R2019-32, to apply for waste tire collection and disposal grant from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the amount $24,000. The grant is being offered by the state to help control the zika virus.

• Approve Resolution No. R2019-33, an encroachment easement in relation to the estate of Vicki L. Phillips located south of 101 West Cedar Ave.

• Approve Resolution No. R2019-34, A Plat of lots 1 and 2 in the south half and north half of the southeast corner of Section 3 in Davison County.

• Approve Resolution No. R2019-35, A Plat Of Lot 4, Block 5 of the Woods First addition, a subdivision of the east half of the southwest quarter of section 23, in the city of Mitchell.

• Action on Resolution No. R2019-36, Avera Queen of Peace's petition to vacate a portion of North Langdon Street, running north and south between the west side of lot 8, block 3 and lot 1, block 1 in the Greenridge addition.

• Approve Resolution No. R2019-38, a resolution amending Resolution No. R2018-60 for loan for Phases II and III of the Sanborn Boulevard project, which passed Nov. 5, 2018.

• Hold second reading of Ordinance No. O2019-06, an ordinance regarding James and Julie Thue's request for the property legally described as lot C in the east half of the northeast quarter of section 30, of the fifth P.M. to be rezoned from Transportation, Warehousing and Commercial, or TWC, District to Urban Development District.

• Approve agreement No. A2019-22, proposal for consulting services for design and permitting services for Dry Run Creek infrastructure design group project No. 2019-33.

• Approve agreement No. A2019-23, proposal for consulting services for project No. 2019-3, which would develop a grant for $1 million with the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. The grant would go toward the city of Mitchell working with landowners along Firesteel Creek to implement a variety of conservation activities such as no-tilling and cover crops.

• Approve agreement No. A2019-24, consulting services for East Central Drainage Basin Improvements Phase II with SPN and Associates, of Mitchell.

• Consider entering into an executive session, citing contract negotiations with employees or employee representatives.