County officials chose to deny a pay raise for the lieutenant at the Davison County Jail, while stressing the decision is not a reflection of the person holding the job.

A pay raise request for Connie Harr was brought to the regular Davison County Commission meeting Tuesday. Jane Kingsbury, administrative assistant at the jail, asked for Harr's salary to be re-evaluated.

Kingsbury said Harr took on additional responsibilities such as updating policies and procedures, research work and training programs for the jail staff.

"When you start a new position, no matter what it is, usually there is a raise after the initial introductory period of six months," Kingsbury said.

Brenda Bode, chairman of the Davison County Commission, pushed back, stating the standard could not be changed by the board, and it would need to be considered by the wage committee.

"I feel you need to take the outline of how you think the job description should be to the wage committee, so that can become the standard," Bode said. "Until that is done, everything will have to stay as is."

Bode stressed that raises for government employees oftentimes are scrutinized and rules need to be followed.

"It's not a reflection on the employee itself, it's about us getting our documentation done right," Bode said.

Bode also questioned the spike in overtime at the jail during the first two weeks in November.

"We ended up with 109.25 hours in overtime at the jail adding up to $2,943." Bode said.

"I would ask that the jail administration research that, because that is one of the things we have been adamant about."