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Gunkel to step down in December

Davison County Treasurer Christie Gunkel handed in her resignation on Friday morning, citing family needs and stress as some of the main reasons for her decision.

Gunkel, who was elected in 2013, will leave her position on Dec. 15. She will then be working at the businesses she owns with her husband, Gunkel Agency Inc., and CJG Properties LLC, and she plans to spend more time with her family, which she said has taken a backseat to her job as treasurer over the years, as she said she was often working "day and night."

"Lately it has worn on me mentally, and you can only get threatened, yelled at and treated rudely so many times before it wears on you and you don't feel safe," Gunkel wrote in a Facebook post shortly after submitting her written resignation.

Gunkel said that she has been worn down by feeling unsafe working in the courthouse, and that one incident where someone brought in a weapon for intimidation stands out in particular.

"This is a stressful job," Gunkel wrote in a Facebook message on Friday afternoon. "You have customers yelling, calling you names and threatening you on a daily basis because when you tell them the law, they don't like it, or when you are gone with sick kids, they get upset they have to wait."

Although many of her reasons for leaving her position are due to what she sees as negatives of the job, Gunkel did say that she is grateful to the people of Davison County for electing her and that she will miss her coworkers.

"It was stressful but yet very rewarding at times as well," Gunkel wrote in her Facebook post. "I met a lot of friends through this position and (am) glad it was a chapter in my book. Some I can honestly say are more like family than coworkers."