Area incumbents led the way in the District 19 House of Representatives Republican primary, with Kyle Schoenfish and Kent Peterson advancing to the general election in November.

Schoenfish, of Scotland, received 41 percent of the vote, or 2,393 votes and Peterson, of Salem, advanced with 1,757 votes. Michael Boyle, a challenger from Parkston, had 1,630 votes, or 28 percent of the final tally. Schoenfish and Peterson will face Democrat John Koch, of Freeman, in the general election.

In District 21’s Democratic primary, Anna Kerner Andersson, of Burke, had 455 votes, with Brian Jorgensen, of Colome, claimed 454 votes to advance to the general election. Faith Spotted Eagle, of Lake Andes was third with 243 votes. Jorgensen and Andersson will face incumbent Lee Qualm, of Platte, and Caleb Finck, of Tripp, in the general election.

Aurora: Scott Meier, of White Lake, was elected as the District 1 Democratic candidate and claimed the seat, as there is no Republican opposition. Meier received 30 votes, while Stanlee Johnson, of Plankinton, had 20 votes.

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Bon Homme: Mark Maggs, of Springfield, was elected as the county sheriff defeating incumbent Lenny Gramkow, of Avon. Maggs had 878 votes, while Gramkow had 331 votes. Maggs will serve a four-year term as sheriff.

In the District 5 commission Republican primary, Russell Jelsma, of Springfield, edged Dustin Wayne Tjeerdsma, of Springfield, by four votes. Jelsma had 166 votes and Tjeerdsma had 162 votes. Officials have noted a possible recount in the race could occur.

Buffalo: Yvette Isburg, of Fort Thompson, was elected auditor/register of deeds. She defeated Elaine Wulff, of Gann Valley, with 91 votes to Wulff’s 75. Isburg will claim the job, with no general election challenger.

Douglas: Tim Goldammer, of Corsica, was elected to fill the District 5 commission seat with 119 votes. DelRay Geidel, of rural Dimock, and Jeff Grosz, of Armour, took second and third with 31 and 16 votes, respectively.

Kim Huebner, of Armour, was elected to fill the county’s Register of Deeds seat with 425 votes and Kaylene Goehring, of Delmont, received with 320 votes. Huebner claims the seat without opposition in November.

Hutchinson: Curtis Ulmer was elected to fill the District 1 commission seat in a Republican primary with 228 votes. Jerome Hoff and Roger Simonsen finished second and third with 118 and 66 votes. Ulmer will be uncontested in the general election.

Jerauld: In a Republican primary, Shane Mentzer was elected to fill the Jerauld County Commission District 2 seat with 36 votes. Lynn Horsley and Gregory Vavra finished second and third with 29 and 24 votes. Mentzer claims the seat with no general election challenger.

Jones: Rich Sylva, of Murdo, defeated incumbent sheriff John Weber, of Draper, in the Republican primary. Sylva had 223 votes to Weber’s 132 votes. The winner will face Jennings Newbold, of Murdo, in the general election, as he has no political affiliation.

In District 1, Lori Waldron, of Draper, defeated Barry Valburg, of Draper, and was elected to fill the county commission seat by a 64-39 margin. In the county’s District 3 Republican primary, Marty Roghair, of Okaton, won with 72 votes, while Paul Erikson had 37 votes and Travis Larson had 24 votes.

Lyman: Ryan Huffman, of Vivian; Zane Reis, of Oacoma; and Steve Perry, of Presho, were elected to fill the Lyman County Commission's at-large seats. Huffman had 325 votes, Reis had 301 votes and Perry had 264 votes. Michelle Langenbau, of Kennebec; James Kotz, of Presho; LeRoy Ellis, of Reliance; and James Schaefer, of Kennebec, finished fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh with 221, 188, 158 and 57 votes, respectively.

Tripp: Mark Winter, of Hamill, was elected to fill District 1 county commission seat over Raymond Hannett, of Winner. Winter, who won by a 122-109 margin, claims the seat with no general election challenger.

Andes Central School Board: It was a tight race, as three incumbents were re-elected in the Andes Central School Board Election. Terry Svatos received 98 votes, while Debbra Houseman and Nicole Gray received 95 and 83 votes, respectively. Janell Garcia received 36 votes.

Chamberlain School Board: Keith Reuer and Jerri Ann Haak were elected for the Chamberlain School District, where they will serve three-year terms on the school board. Reuer received 597 votes, while Haak had 427 votes. Bart Randall and Stephanie Bolman Altamirano received 396 and 322 votes, respectively.  

Kimball city races: Wayne Tupper was re- elected mayor with 123 votes, defeating Todd Yeaton, who had 85 votes. In Ward 1, Bruce Robison was elected to fill the city alderman seat with 33 votes, and Michelle Janish finished with 29 votes. Both city races are two-year terms.

Kimball School Board: Charly Kirsch, Jennifer Namanny and Thersa West were elected for the Kimball school board, each picking up three-year terms. Kirsch received 235 votes, while Namanny had 208 and West picked up 183 votes. Matt Bilben and Sarah Talbott received 165 and 134 votes, respectively. The race is subject to a possible recount.