Some rural Presho residents were left without power briefly Sunday morning when a transformer at a West Central Electric Cooperative substation failed.

Jessie Tucker, manager of member services for the cooperative, said a fire that occurred Sunday at a cooperative substation may have disabled the transformer, putting about 530 meters in rural Presho out of service for about an hour. He said the fire was out quickly and the fire department was not called.

“It was a small fire in our own substation,” Tucker said.

Tucker said it was unclear exactly what caused the fire, but the cooperative was able to compensate for the lost transformer and had restored power to customers quickly.

The cooperative is looking into the cause of the outage, with Tucker noting that the fire may have caused the outage or, conversely, the outage may have caused the fire, he said.

“We’re trying to track that down, but there was some kind of fault condition on some of the equipment,” he said. “We’re in the process of doing some testing.”

West Central Electric Cooperative serves customers in Stanley, Haakon, Jackson, Lyman and Jones counties.