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At the Mitchell Republic and Forum Communications, we know that the breadth and depth of our reporting team delivers the most value for our readers. Community-based journalists work to uncover the truth with integrity. They research topics with reliable sources, interview experts and go beyond the surface of stories. Reporters and editors strive to keep personal views and biases out of the news we report unless it is an opinion piece designed to give you both sides of an issue and spark a thoughtful conversation.

And yes, we have young reporters in our newsrooms — we welcome them! But they work alongside their experienced colleagues and learn from the best about what it takes to be a journalist who earns the respect of their community and how to create value for members. And above all, our reporters are your friends and neighbors. They live and work in this community just like you, and it shows in the care they put into delivering accurate, insightful information to you.

Covering a community

Covering the news and events of a community requires a variety of formats to fit the individual preferences of our readers. We know you have options. From social media feeds to our local market competitors, news has become an ambiguous term. Our team offers you experience, quality, depth and breadth of reporting that goes above and beyond any social media feed or what is offered from our competitors.

So, what does it mean that many of the newspapers within our Forum Communications network have been in existence for over 100 years? It means we have a history of bringing you quality, trustworthy local journalism. We have always been committed to finding the truth, delivering it with integrity and admitting when we have made an error. That culture exists with the reporters who have been with our company for over 30 years, and is consistently reinforced with our young reporters who meet these high standards prior to reporting your news.

There is a lot of information available on social media these days and some of it is very convincing. Even for local news, like city council meetings, misinformation can spread quickly. How can you know if the author attended the meeting or previous meetings to understand the context of what was being discussed? Do you know if they interviewed council members and local residents or researched the policies under debate? How can you know if the information comes from a reliable source? When reading news from your local journalists, you can be assured that you are reading quality journalism.


Due diligence isn’t just a catch-phrase in our newsrooms.

Due diligence isn’t just a catch-phrase in our newsrooms and it shows in the depth of information you find in our print papers and online content. The depth of our coverage goes far beyond what you will find with social media and other local competitors. The news moves fast, but the connections of our reporters and their in-depth research ensures your news is accurate, going beyond the surface of the issue at hand.

Meanwhile, we offer a greater breadth of reporting than any of our local competitors. Yes, we all cover “the news,” but our reporting teams cover a greater number of topics than just crime, sports and politics. Our reporters cover the arts, education, agriculture, local businesses, life milestones and entertainment to a greater degree than other local news organizations. You can find the most information to keep you connected to your community through our reporting.

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