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MTI's expanding welding program to receive equipment upgrades

Weld on.

The Mitchell Board of Education affirmed their commitment to future welders receiving their education at Mitchell Technical Institute during the regularly scheduled board meeting Monday.

To maintain a sufficient level of equipment for the training of MTI welding students, the board approved Matheson as the company responsible for providing the program's welders and accessories. The bid from Matheson came in at $39,300, which was lower than A-Ox's bid of $39,711.54.

For the welding program's ultrasonic testers, the board approved Olympus, which was the lone bid at $29,141.60.

"Both bidders met the specifications within the budgeting amount, and the prices were right to go with the low bidder Matheson as the welder and accessories provider," said Superintendent Joe Graves.

John Heemstra, vice president of MTI, said the upgraded equipment will benefit the expanding welding program.

The surplus welders that the board approved during Monday's meeting will also be utilized within MTI's welding program, according to Heemstra.

During the superintendent portion of the meeting, Graves updated the board on the progress of the new Joe Quintal Field turf project, which he expects to completed Wednesday.

However, the track surface renovation cannot be completed until the field is finished, according to Graves.

When the new track surface is completed, Graves said it will need a week to cure.

"It's not a big deal because we will have it completed before track season, but we have to make sure no one is allowed to set foot on it during that week of cure time," he added.

In other matters, the Board:

• Approved the transfer of the Technology Center building at MTI to state ownership.

• Approved the declaration of eight welders become surplus, which allows the Mitchell School District to sell eight welding machines.

• Approved the bid submitted by Jones Supply Company as the Mitchell School District's chemical provider, which mainly consists of cleaning supplies. Approved Bimbo Bakeries USA's bid — the current school district bread company provider — to be the school district's bread products provider.

• Presented board member reports.