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Olson, Putnam named school board president, VP

The re-elected president and vice president of the Mitchell Board of Education are optimistic and eager to continue the progress they've achieved while serving the public.

The board re-elected Deb Olson, as president, and Neil Putnam, as vice president, for the 2018-19 fiscal school year during the regularly scheduled meeting, held Monday at the Mitchell Career and Technical Education Center.

Olson will enter her fourth consecutive year as the board president, while Putnam will also enter his fourth consecutive year serving as the vice president for the Mitchell Board of Education.

Olson said she is optimistic and grateful to continue her role as board president and hopes to ensure the school district keeps quality teachers.

"I want to continue to keep our class sizes strong and activities moving forward like they have been in the past," Olson said. "It's exciting to see the new turf field moving a long, and I want to see that through to completion as well."

Moving forward, Putnam said the school budget is a primary focus, along with monitoring national regulatory issues in the school system. Putnam is a member of the National School Board Association, which he said is a valuable component for his time serving as vice president on the school board.

"Having another year of experience will be helpful with breaking down the sales tax initiative that was passed recently," Putnam said.

Along with Putnam and Olson's re-election, Lacey Musick was re-elected as one of the five board members. Musick will be entering her fifth year serving as a board member and hopes to continue supporting the technology program in the Mitchell School District.

"Making adjustments in the laptop technology curriculum as needed to ensure the students have what they need to grow and learn, is something I want to maintain focus on," Musick said.

Activity admission fees

The board approved activity admission fees for the 2018-19 school year to remain the same as they were last year. The student fee will remain at $3 per event, adult costs at $5 per event and $40 for the annual student pass.

While Mitchell School District will maintain the same prices for activities fees, Graves said there are some schools in the Eastern South Dakota Conference that are already considering raising prices for activities admission fees.

"We may see those increase in prices happen as early as next year for some of those schools that are considering raising the cost of activities admission fees," Graves added.

Other Business

The board:

• Appointed Business Manager Steve Culhane as clerk of the board.

• Approved a resolution designating First National Bank, US Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, CorTrust Bank, Home Federal Bank, First Dakota National Bank, South Dakota Public Funds Investment Trust, Fulton State Bank and BankWest as official depositories for the Mitchell School District.

• Approved a resolution regarding interest accruing on funds.

• Approved to reject the bid to renovate the MTI Technology Center and Campus Commons Center, as the bid by Sunkota was much higher than expected. Further discussion will take place at the next school board meeting about the project.

• Approved the Robert's Rules of Order with the modification to permit the board president to participate and vote.

• Readopted the Imprest Fund, and approved surety bonds.

• Approved membership in the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce.

• Designated The Daily Republic as the official publisher for the Mitchell School District.

• Approved Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, Kludt, Shelton & Burns as legal counsel for the Mitchell School District for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

• Designated Graves, Culhane, MTI President and CEO Mark Wilson and MTI Financial Comptroller Jared Hofer as fiscal agents for federal programs.

• Designated Culhane as the fiscal agent for all financial accounts and to invest money on the district's behalf.

• Designated Cory Aadland and Brittney Eide as Title IX coordinators.

• Approved Graves as the designated Title I officer.

• Approved Civil Rights Compliance Statements.

• Authorized people to purchase surplus property from the South Dakota Federal Property Agency for the district.