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White Lake, Mitchell Christian take honors at CBH fest

White Lake was the overall winner and Mitchell Christian won the quiz bowl of the Custer Battlefield Highway Academic Festival on Wednesday in Mitchell.

Students from nine area high schools competed in the 23rd annual event, which was held at Dakota Wesleyan University.

Sanborn Central, Corsica-Stickney, Ethan, Kimball, Mitchell Christian, Mount Vernon, Plankinton, White Lake and Woonsocket attended the festival, with White Lake as the winner of the overall competition. Mitchell Christian took 2. and Kimball was third.

Each school enters two students in each academic area tested, and points are awarded with students placing first through sixth. The quiz bowl has four students from each school, and Mitchell Christian, Ethan, White Lake and Sanborn Central were tied at the end of regulation. Scholarships to attend DWU are awarded for students who rank in the top-three in qualifying competitions. Next year's event is scheduled for Feb. 27.

Here are the results:

Overall: 1. White Lake; 2. Mitchell Christian; 3. Kimball; 4. Mount Vernon; 5. Plankinton; 6. Corsica-Stickney; 7. Ethan; 8. Woonsocket; 9. Sanborn Central.

Quiz bowl: 1. Mitchell Christian; 2. Ethan; 3. White Lake; 4. Sanborn Central; 5. Mount Vernon; 6. Woonsocket.

Accounting I: 1. Jaden Barse, Corsica-Stickney; 2. 2. : Andrew Stange, Plankinton; 3. Kadin Schlenker, Woonsocket; 4. Abby Dethlefsen, Corsica-Stickney; 5. Christian Cooper, Mitchell Christian School; 6. Riley Pursell, White Lake.

Algebra I: 1. Andrew Lindgren, Woonsocket; 2. Brianna Linn, Plankinton; 3. Kaitlyn Tegethoff, Mitchell Christian; 4. Logan Tiam, Mount Vernon; 5. Josh Bartscher, Ethan; 6. tie: Brooklyn Dickews, Ethan; Cora Heidinger, Corsica-Stickney.

Algebra II: 1. Trevor Toysland, Mount Vernon; 2. Tyler Resick, Kimball; 3. Carter Frederickson, White Lake; 4. Gina Gadomski, Kimball; 5. Matthew Fey, White Lake; 6. Taylor Buck, Ethan.

American Government: 1. Riley O'Neill, Mitchell Christian; 2. Caleb Brouwer, Ethan; 3. Nathan Linke, Woonsocket; 4. Kyle Glanzer, Mount Vernon; 5. Koby Larson, Sanborn Central; 6. Corydon Hanson, Kimball.

American History: 1. Zachary Mikkonen, Mount Vernon; 2. Riley Pursell, White Lake; 3. Grace Konechne, White Lake; 4. Isaac Hinker, Corsica-Stickney; 5. Callie Hohn, Ethan; 6. Noah Heezen, Plankinton.

Biology: 1. Kathryn Nightingale, White Lake; 2. Cole Carsten, Kimball; 3. Madi Moody, Sanborn Central; 4. Brady Hawkins, Ethan; 5. Callie Beznalez, Woonsocket; 6. Reagon Klooz, Mount Vernon.

Chemistry: 1. Allyson Strong, Mitchell Christian; 2. Garrett Clendening, Ethan; 3. Noah Heezen, Plankinton; 4. Casey Hayes, Kimball; 5. Luke Knutson, Mitchell Christian; 6. Madi Moody, Sanborn Central.

Geometry: 1. Grace Konechne, White Lake; 2. Trevor Toysland, Mount Vernon; 3. Jocelyn Engield, Ethan; 4. Stephan Doering, White Lake; 5. Brady Hawkins, Ethan; 6. Jacelyn Baas, Mitchell Christian.

Grammar I: 1. Kayla Fischer, Corsica-Stickney; 2. Jocelyn Baas, Mitchell Christian; 3. Ky Becker, White Lake; 4. Corbin Van Zee, Corsica-Stickney; 5. Megan Gillen, White Lake; 6. Rylee Deinert, Mount Vernon.

Grammar II: 1. Kathryn Nightingale, White Lake; 2. : Ashlin DeBeor, Corsica-Stickney; 3. Jasmine Kush KimBayeua, Mount Vernon; 4. Catie Natvig, Kimball; 5. Randa VandenHoek, White Lake; 6. Hunter Pranger, Mount Vernon.

Grammar III: 1. Darby Deffenbaugh, Kimball; 2. Casey Hayes, Kimball; 3. Nathan Linke, Woonsocket; 4. Brisa Contreras, Plankinton; 5. Lucinda Overweg, Plankinton; 6. Lorna Gregerson, Mount Vernon.

Grammar IV: 1. Darissa Overweg, Kimball; 2. Grace Bultsma, Plankinton; 3. Kylee Guindon, Plankinton; 4. Morgan Boeding, Kimball; 5. Riley O'Neill, Mitchell Christian; 6. Kyle Glanzer, Mount Vernon.

Literature III: 1. Braeden Nydam, Mitchell Christian; 2. : Cheyenne Nikolaus, Kimball

3. Gabe Deurier, Mitchell Christian; 4. Thomina Niles, Plankinton; 5. Lucas Wieczorek, Mount Vernon; 6. Garrett Clendening, Ethan.

Literature IV: 1. Travis Geyer, White Lake; 2. Faith Wolbrink, Corsica-Stickney; 3. Koby Larson, Sanborn Central; 4. Shane Williams, Mount Vernon; 5. Emily Strong, Mitchell Christian; 6. Morgan Boeding, Kimball.

Physical Science: 1. Jayden Gonzalez, White Lake; 2. Brady Westerdorf, Kimball; 3. Kaitlyn Tegethoff, Mitchell Christian; 4. Jens Enga, Mitchell Christian; 5. Adaya Plastow, Ethan; 6. Kirbie Payne, Plankinton.

Physics: 1. Caleb Brouner, Ethan; 2. Andy Scherrer, Mitchell Christian; 3. Kyle Glanzer, Mount Vernon; 4. Corydon Hanson, Kimball; 5. Luke Knutson, Mitchell Christian; Sixth — tie: Candon DeBoer, Corsica-Stickney; Noah Heezen, Plankinton

Senior Math-Advanced: 1. Tyler Hallman, White Lake; 2. Trent Kingsbury, Sanborn Central; 3. Kaden Karst, Plankinton; 4. Candon DeBoer, Corsica-Stickney; 5. Hannah Surat, Kimball; 6. Nathan Linke, Woonsocket.

World Geography: 1. Logan Tiam, Mount Vernon; 2. Rylee Deinert, Mount Vernon; 3. Felipe Lorenzo, Plankinton; 4. Jozy Feiner, Mitchell Christian; 5. Carter Linke, Woonsocket; 6. Wyatt Talbott, Kimball.