Police in Mitchell had to utilize their stun guns twice earlier this month after a man with a knife squared off with them, a police report says.

Shortly after 8 p.m. on Oct. 6, police in Mitchell were called to the 200 block of west Second Avenue for a report of a possible assault in progress. In a call to 911, the reporting party said their "whole building was shaking" from a disturbance in the apartment below.

Upon arrival, police could hear a woman "sobbing" inside and was told by a man inside that he would not be opening the door.

The man, later identified as 38-year-old Garan Crader, allegedly said nobody would be leaving the apartment, and that police would have to come in and kill him.

Officers kicked the door several times in an attempt to make entry, but the door was barricaded from the inside.

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Eventually, a female victim was able to escape, "crawling on her hands and knees," leaving the door open for officers to make entry.

An arrest affidavit says Crader was standing with his legs apart, bent at the knees giving him "a sturdy base for attacking." Police say he was bouncing from side to side with his hands balled into fists, wielding a knife.

Officers unsuccessfully deployed a taser, but succeeded on the second attempt, causing Crader to fall to the floor, dropping the knife. He was commanded to crawl away from the knife, but did not comply, the affidavit reads. He was tased again to allow an officer to kick the knife away from Crader. He was placed into custody without further incident.

Police stepped outside to the victim, whose face was bloodied and swollen. She had sustained two black eyes.

The victim told authorities that her and Crader had gotten into an argument, when Crader began punching her to the extent that she lost consciousness. When she came to, Crader was kicking her.

Crader was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on law enforcement, each a Class 3 felony, and simple domestic assault, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

If convicted on all charges, he faces a maximum sentence of 31 years in prison, $62,000 in fines or both.