WOONSOCKET — The Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a suspect who was involved in an alleged kidnapping and burglary in June.

Roxanne Johnson, who has addresses in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, is being sought for alleged aiding and abetting burglary and kidnapping.

Tom Fridley, sheriff of Sanborn County, said she was one of four individuals involved in an incident in Artesian that led to a warrant being issued for her arrest.

“She and three others were involved in an assault on a person, and the charges stemming out from that were aiding and abetting second degree burglary and kidnapping,” Fridley said.

Fridley said Johnson and three other individuals allegedly entered a private residence in Artesian on June 8 and held an occupant of the house against his will. The other three individuals were eventually arrested, but Johnson remains at large, said Fridley.

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“She’s the last one we’re looking for. The other three have been arrested,” Fridley said.

It is unknown if Johnson remains in the area or not, but Fridley said she is not considered a threat to the public.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Johnson should contact the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office at 605-796-4511.