PLATTE — A Platte man has sued the Platte Health Center, alleging the hospital hasn't been maintaining his home as promised in a 2003 agreement.

Sherman Koopal previously lived in a house adjacent to the Platte Health Center, which he sold to the hospital in September of 2003 so the hospital building could be expanded. As part of the agreement made during that transaction, the hospital was to both purchase Koopal's real estate and pay for him to live in another East Seventh Street house for life.

That agreement stipulated that the hospital, which is operated by Platte Community Memorial Hospital Inc., would be responsible for maintenance and repairs to the house Koopal moved into, while he would be responsible for the cost of utilities. Koopal argued in a complaint filed May 8 that the hospital has not been upholding its end of the agreement and that he's been maintaining and repairing the property at his expense.

According to the complaint, the hospital mowed the lawn, removed snow and made repairs at the house when Koopal moved in but has since stopped doing so. Koopal reportedly purchased a lawn mower last year to maintain the yard himself and has paid to replace carpet and windows, repair plumbing and purchase a heater after flooding in 2008 left the house's furnace inoperable.

The complaint states the hospital has refused to take action on a number of areas Koopal requested be addressed or inspected, including gutter maintenance, window replacement and repairs to the garage's wall and opener and to a basement wall. The hospital, according to the complaint, installed one of two windows Koopal had purchased but did not reimburse him for the cost of the windows or other expenses such as hiring a plumber to address tree roots growing in the sewer system.

Koopal has requested monetary damages to be awarded and that a court require the hospital to comply with the 2003 agreement and issue a declaratory judgment of both parties' obligations under the agreement.