PARKSTON — The parents of an 11-month-old boy who died in 2018 will not be continuing their case against the Parkston day care provider who was caring for their son when he suffered head trauma.

A stipulation for dismissal was signed April 24 by the attorney representing Eric and Ashley Milbrandt as administrators of the estate of their son, Elliot Milbrandt.

The case, which the Milbrandts filed against Carroline Kniffen in October 2019, was dismissed with prejudice, meaning the dismissal is final and the case can't be reopened. Court documents don't specify whether an out-of-court settlement will be sought, and no criminal charges have been brought against Kniffen.

The original civil complaint alleged that Kniffen had failed to properly supervise her day care, with negligence resulting in Elliot suffering head trauma on July 23 at some point between when he and his brother were dropped off that morning at Kniffen's home and 3:54 p.m., when Parkston police were called.

Specific details of how Milbrandt may have hit his head have not been released.