TYNDALL — A Springfield man was arrested last week after allegedly trying to attack multiple people with a knife in Tyndall.

On April 30, a Tyndall police officer responded to a Laurel Street apartment and found Anpo Star Comes Out, 23, inside while other officers located a man, two women and a baby reported to have been at the apartment when the incident occurred.

According to court documents, one of the women said she and Star Comes Out had gotten into an argument and he threw her to the ground. She called the other man and woman to the apartment, and Star Comes Out reportedly got into an altercation with the other man and followed him outside with a knife.

The woman said she then grabbed the baby and ran into a bedroom, locking the door behind her. Star Comes Out allegedly then stabbed the door repeatedly with a knife. The woman was able to break a screen and exit the apartment through a window with the baby. The other woman reportedly told law enforcement her hand had been cut when she tried to take the knife away from Star Comes Out.

Police reportedly found a broken knife next to the apartment door with holes in it and another knife with blood on it.

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Star Comes Out was charged with aggravated assault, a Class 3 felony.