Bond was revoked Tuesday in the cases of six people charged with criminal offenses in Davison County who have been found to be non-compliant with the conditions of their release.

In total, $4,600 was revoked and forfeited by the six people who currently have outstanding warrants in their cases, all of which involve drug-related charges. Under state law, forfeited bond money is deposited into the county treasury.

The most serious charges in any of those cases, which were addressed at the Davison County Pubic Safety Center, are pending against 39-year-old Kevin Freeman Jr., of Baltimore, Maryland, who was arrested in August 2018 for allegedly bringing 10 pounds of marijuana on a bus that stopped at a Mitchell gas station. Freeman was found walking away from where the bus had stopped, and a vape pen containing THC oil was allegedly found in a Gucci fanny pack he was carrying.

Freeman was released on bond a few days after his arrest and was permitted to return to Maryland in between court appearances. On Oct. 2, 2018, Freeman pleaded not guilty to felony charges involving the marijuana and THC oil.

A bench warrant was issued for Freeman when he failed to make a court appearance on April 16, and his attorney, Dava Wermers, said Tuesday it was several months before the warrant was issued that she most recently heard from him.

Forfeiture of bond can be ordered by a South Dakota court if a person charged with a felony has been found to have breached the conditions of their release. Staying in regular contact with an attorney is typically one of the conditions people are required to abide by when they are released on bond.

Freeman's $1,000 bond was revoked and forfeited Tuesday. The same amount was forfeited in the cases of Josue Martinez and Pablo Luyando-Morales, both of whom are 34 and have Mitchell addresses, and Patrick O'Connor, 55, of Spokane, Washington.

Martinez and Luyando-Morales were both arrested on Oct. 8, released on bond on Oct. 17 and had bench warrants issued in November. They both face charges for possession and ingestion of meth and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. O'Connor's case, filed in January 2019, also involves possession of marijuana, a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, and a warrant for his arrest has been outstanding for more than a year.

Of the six cases in which bond forfeiture hearings were held Tuesday, the oldest is that of Derek Moats, 34, of Hewitt, Minnesota, who posted $100 bond for drug possession charges in July 2017. He was arrested again and let out on bond for a second time in September of that year, and he has had no contact with the court system since a bench warrant was issued on Nov. 14, 2017.

A $500 bond was forfeited Tuesday in the case of 29-year-old Rogelio Soto-Lazada, of Blaine, Washington, who was charged in August with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia and speeding on an interstate highway. Soto-Lazada's attorney, Lorena Tamayo, indicated she had not had contact with him since September and that he was living in Washington at the time.