LAKE ANDES — A Missouri man was arrested Jan. 24 in Charles Mix County for allegedly possessing THC oil and about 2.2 pounds of marijuana.

Christopher Barnett, 41, of Independence, Missouri, faces three felony charges and one misdemeanor charge and could be incarcerated for up to 31 years if convicted on all counts.

At 6:41 p.m., a South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper stopped a 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with loud exhaust on U.S. Highway 18 in Charles Mix County, according to court documents. Barnett and a dog were inside the vehicle.

The trooper reportedly issued Barnett a written warning for the exhaust and asked him to hand over a THC vape pen that was sitting in the center console. The vehicle was searched, and officers allegedly found two large, vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana in the spare tire compartment in the trunk, as well as an additional THC cartridge in the front of the car.

Barnett, who reportedly said he was taking the marijuana to Lake Andes and was going to split it with another person there, was taken to the Charles Mix County Jail. The dog was taken to the Wagner Vet Clinic, and the car was driven to an impound facility.

Barnett is charged with possession with intent to distribute more than one pound of marijuana, a Class 3 felony; possession of between one and 10 pounds of marijuana, a Class 4 felony; possession of THC oil, a Class 5 felony; and possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class 2 misdemeanor.