HOWARD — A Miner County court has dismissed a case filed by Howard's former elementary principal and assistant superintendent.

Following a Dec. 4 hearing, Judge Greg Stoltenburg granted the Howard School District and its school board summary judgment on the grounds that Christopher Noid's administrative appeal was filed outside the 90-day window during which it could legally be filed.

Noid, who was employed as the district's elementary principal and assistant superintendent through the 2018-19 school year, filed his case with the circuit court on July 2, 2019, indicating he was appealing the school board and district's decision not to renew his administrator's contract on April 8.

On Feb. 25, 2019, the Howard School Board passed a motion to restructure the district's leadership positions. It was determined that beginning in the 2019-20 school year, one person would hold the position of superintendent and elementary principal, and the district would advertise for the position of a principal for grades 7-through-12.

Two days later, according to a document filed by Stoltenburg on Dec. 9, a letter announced that Todd Lee, who was previously the high school principal and superintendent, would take the former position, while the latter would be advertised.

Noid asked to be considered for the other principal position, and he was interviewed for the job. On April 8, the district hired Marie Lohsandt for the open principal position.

Noid's notice of appeal indicated he was appealing on the grounds that the district decided not to renew his contract on April 8, which would have been fewer than 90 days prior to the date he filed his appeal. Stoltenburg ruled that the only decision made on April 8 was to hire another person, and that the decision to eliminate Noid's position was made at the Feb. 25 school board meeting.