RELIANCE -- A Reliance man was charged last week with making threats at a bar, recklessly driving while intoxicated and assaulting law enforcement while resisting arrest.

Troy Schindler, 56, faces five felony and five misdemeanor charges and could be sentenced to more than 52 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

At 5:41 p.m. on Aug. 30, law enforcement responded to a Reliance bar where Schindler was reported to have a firearm. According to court documents, witnesses said Schindler had come into the bar intoxicated and then threatened to shoot the bartender while ordering more drinks.

Schindler allegedly left the bar and returned, telling two women outside that he had brought a gun before he went back inside. The women ran away and called 911.

Next, Schindler reportedly exited the bar, got into his vehicle and drove toward another car, inside which were two people who believed Schindler was going to run into them and possibly shoot them. A chase began, and Schindler, who was later found not to have a valid drivers license, allegedly continued to drive through town at 50 to 60 mph after the other car had gotten away from him. He then went home.

Law enforcement went to Schindler's residence, where he "seemed unaware that he had been in town and driving," according to the probable cause affidavit filed after his arrest.

Schindler allegedly resisted being handcuffed and eventually made officers carry him to a patrol vehicle, where he allegedly kicked at them. He was then shackled to the cage in the vehicle to prevent harm to himself or the vehicle.

As Schindler was being walked into the Brule County Jail, he reportedly kicked a deputy and a Highway Patrol officer and stomped on their feet.

Schindler is charged with three counts of aggravated assault, a Class 3 felony; two counts of simple assault against a law enforcement officer, a Class 6 felony; resisting arrest, reckless driving and a second-offense DUI, all of which are Class 1 misdemeanors; and driving without a license and disorderly conduct, which are both Class 2 misdemeanors.