A Woonsocket man facing five criminal charges in Sanborn County was released Tuesday after being convicted of two misdemeanors in Davison County.

Dustin Feistner, 39, pleaded guilty to two counts of violating a conditional bond. He was sentenced to two concurrent 97-day jail sentences with 90 days suspended and credit for the seven days he'd already been in custody.

As part of a plea agreement with the state, a simple assault charge and an additional count of violating a conditional bond were dismissed when Feistner entered guilty pleas in Davison County. All three bond violations involved the woman involved in the dismissed assault case.

In Sanborn County, Feistner was arrested on Aug. 7 for alleged involvement in two pursuits, during which he is accused of nearly hitting multiple law enforcement officers. He was released Aug. 14 after posting a $5,000 bond and was then taken into custody in Davison County.

Davison County Deputy State's Attorney Bob O'Keefe said the new Sanborn County charges added to the state's belief that Feistner would be a threat to society if released, and he asked for an extended jail sentence for the Davison County charges.

"At this point, I don't think he would abide by any judgments unless forced to," O'Keefe said.

Zachary Flood, who was appointed as Feistner's advisory counsel after Feistner initially opted to represent himself in court, said the seven days Feistner had served already were an adequate punishment for misdemeanor charges which were not based on evidence of violence or substance abuse. Feistner said he didn't see himself as posing a threat if released.

Judge Chris Giles initially said he wanted Feistner to remain in the Davison County Jail for enough time to have a treatment needs assessment completed, but he ultimately decided Feistner could be released Tuesday because he will be wearing a drug patch issued by the Sanborn County Sheriff's Office.

Feistner is scheduled to appear in court in Sanborn County on Sept. 5.