KENNEBEC-Two men from Washington originally charged with driving about 10 pounds of marijuana through Lyman County were given probation and jail sentences last week.

On Aug. 14, Yiel Wuol, 23, of Spokane, Washington, and Joshua McLean, 37, of Tacoma, Washington, were pulled over near eastbound exit 235 on Interstate 90 in a vehicle driven by Wuol for driving 2 mph over the speed limit, according to court documents.

After smelling a strong odor of air freshener and walking a service dog around the vehicle with the dog indicating that drugs were present, the Highway Patrol officer who initiated the stop found a locked purple suitcase in the trunk, of which both men denied ownership.

The officer pried open the suitcase and found 10 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana weighing about one pound each. He also allegedly found three THC oil cartridges in the backseat.

McLean and Wuol were both charged with possession of more than 10 pounds of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute one pound more of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance in schedules I or II and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Feb. 7, McLean pleaded guilty to possession of one to 10 pounds of marijuana, a Class 4 felony. He was sentenced on May 10 to four years of probation and 60 days in jail and ordered to pay $3,340 in fines and court costs.

After pleading guilty to possession of more than two ounces and less than half a pound of marijuana, a Class 6 felony, Wuol was sentenced to three years probation and 10 days in jail and ordered to pay $2,828.

Both received credit for the two days they served in jail following their arrest, and the state dismissed the remainder of the charges against each of them.