KENNEBEC - Six people were indicted on federal charges on Feb. 13 in connection with four separate offenses that reportedly occurred in Lyman County.

Two of those cases involve a father and son, although the U.S. District Attorney's office did not comment on whether the men's charges, which are connected to incidents that took place more than a year and a half apart, were related.

Alan Thompson Jr., along with Demitre Ecoffey, was indicted for allegedly stealing property worth more than $1,000 on the night of May 25, 2017. Both are charged with first-degree burglary, larceny and aiding and abetting. Following the indictment, Thompson was arrested in Lower Brule on Feb. 18, 2019.

Thompson's father, Alan Thompson Sr., was indicted the same day as his son for allegedly assaulting, resisting and impeding a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer on Dec. 29, 2018.

Also on Feb. 13, Marlowe LaRoche was indicted for third-degree burglary for allegedly illegally entering the Lower Brule Indian Health Service Clinic on Dec. 18 with the intention of committing larceny. LaRoche was arrested and released on bond on Friday.

Carlton Felicia and Grant Whitney were charged with assaulting a person in Lower Brule on July 1, 2018, using "shod feet" as a dangerous weapon and resulting in serious bodily injury. Their charges assert that the two aided and abetted one another. Whitney was arrested on Thursday.