A Mount Vernon man was charged Monday with driving drunk and without a license with two children unrestrained in his vehicle.

William Frederick, 23, now faces two felony, five misdemeanor and two petty offense charges.

At 9:32 p.m. on Monday, a deputy from the Davison County Sheriff's Office was called to 254th Street, about a quarter-mile east of Betts Road. There, he reportedly found a green Plymouth Neon stuck in the snow in the north ditch, facing east.

According to court documents, the deputy could tell from tire tracks that the vehicle had been eastbound when it went into the ditch to one side of a driveway, then vaulted over the driveway and came to land on the other side.

The deputy saw a man on the road and two young children in the car. The man told the deputy that he had been going to Mount Vernon, although he had been traveling in the wrong direction. The man allegedly showed multiple signs of being intoxicated.

The deputy then reportedly asked the man to get in the front passenger seat of his vehicle, which he did after three attempts to get in other seats.

The man did not provide identification, but gave the deputy a name. After the deputy tried to perform a license check under that name and was unable to do so, the man gave a different name, which came back as being a person who lived in Mitchell. The deputy was reportedly suspicious that neither name was accurate, as the man was unable to provide his date of birth.

The man then gave a preliminary breath test of 0.235. A woman was called to pick up the children who were in the vehicle, and on the phone, the woman reportedly referred to the man as "Will," which did not match either of the names he gave the deputy.

The deputy was then able to identify the man as Frederick, and he secured him in his patrol vehicle. He then went to the children, who told him that they were 2 and 4 years old and that Frederick had broken one of the car's windows to get out, as snow had jammed the door shut.

Frederick reportedly became agitated, and Chief Deputy Steve Harr was called to the scene for assistance. After the children were picked up, Harr waited with the vehicle while the deputy transported Frederick.

At that time, it was determined that a blood sample from Frederick would not be taken because, according to court documents, "it was not worth putting officers' nor hospital staff's welfare at risk of potential injury or assault."

While Frederick was being transported to the Davison County Jail, he allegedly began to beat his fists and hands on the cage of the patrol vehicle, drawing blood, yelling and spitting on the floor. Two corrections officers assisted in bringing him into jail custody.

Harr reportedly found an "open and mostly empty bottle of Bacardi" where the children had been in the vehicle, as well as an open whiskey bottle

Frederick is charged with two counts of abuse or cruelty to a minor under age seven, a Class 3 felony; one count each of reckless driving, a first-offense DUI, driving with a suspended license and impersonation to deceive a law enforcement officer, all of which are Class 1 misdemeanors; one charge of having an open alcoholic beverage container accessible in a vehicle, a Class 2 misdemeanor; and two petty offense charges of failing to use a child passenger restraint system.