A Nebraska woman who in November showed a gun to another driver when she felt he was driving too close to her was convicted last week of assault.

According to court documents, on the afternoon of Nov. 25, Jennifer Stacy, 37, of Valentine, Nebraska, became angry with a driver following behind her between the Interstate 90 off-ramp into Mitchell at Exit 332 and East Spruce Street.

Stacy reportedly felt that the driver was following too closely and responded by taking out a handgun she had in her car and showing it to the driver of the car behind her.

The other driver told police that Stacy had pointed the gun at him as he was in the lane next to her later on.

Stacy was initially charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a Class 3 felony. On Jan. 3, that charge was downgraded to simple assault in attempt to put another in fear of bodily harm, a Class 1 misdemeanor to which she pleaded guilty.

Stacy was sentenced by a Davison County court to 90 days in jail with 89 days suspended and credit for one day served. She was ordered to pay $586 in fines and court costs.