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Man gets three years for 26 pounds of marijuana in car

LAKE ANDES—A Sioux Falls man arrested in July for driving through Charles Mix County with 26 pounds of marijuana was sentenced last week to three years in the state penitentiary.

Arthur Little, 35, was pulled over on the afternoon of July 29 by a Highway Patrol officer for not having a front license plate prominently displayed.

According to court documents, when pulled over, the officer found that the license plate was actually a photocopy that had been taped to the vehicle's passenger side window. The officer discovered that Little's license was suspended and that he was on parole for possession of a controlled substance.

When asked if there was anything illegal in the car, Little reportedly responded, "I don't think so," and gave permission to search the vehicle.

Little was placed under arrest when a duffel bag containing a little over 26 pounds of marijuana and 28.1 grams of cocaine was found in the car. He was charged with possession of more than 10 pounds of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute more than one pound of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, use or possession of drug paraphernalia and being a habitual offender with three or more prior felony convictions.

The paraphernalia charge was dismissed on Aug. 3. On Aug. 20, Little pleaded not guilty to the marijuana charges. On Sept. 17, he pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute, and the state dropped the remainder of the charges.

Little was given credit for the 92 days he served in jail prior to his sentencing on Oct. 29.

Brittany Fuller, 32, also of Sioux Falls, was a passenger in the car at the time of Little's arrest. She pleaded not guilty to possession of more than 10 pounds of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute more than one pound of marijuana on Aug. 22, and a jury trial is scheduled for Dec. 3.