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Two charged for Howard bar brawl

HOWARD — Two Howard men appeared Wednesday in court in Miner County for allegedly beating a man until he lost consciousness.

According to court documents, on Oct. 20, Taylor Hodges, 27, and Cole Hodges, 24, were involved in a fight with a third man outside a bar in Howard. The two allegedly beat the man until he was bleeding severely from his face and "appeared to bystanders to be lifeless."

The alleged victim reportedly sustained a concussion and a broken nose and went to the emergency room twice for medical attention following the incident.

Arrest warrants were issued for the two men on Oct. 24 and returned on Oct. 29. Both were charged with two counts of aggravated assault: one for serious bodily injury and one for bodily injury with indifference to human life.

Aggravated assault is a Class 3 felony, and each charge can be punished by up to 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.