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Man pleads not guilty to eluding police

LAKE ANDES — A man who was arrested last month for eluding police with small children and drugs in the vehicle pleaded not guilty to five felony charges Monday.

Jeremy Daugherty, 35, of Tripp, entered his plea at the Charles Mix County Courthouse and a jury trial was set for September.

Court documents say a South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper attempted to pull over a vehicle for "loud and unusual exhaust" on May 11 on South Dakota Highway 46 near mile marker 295. A three- to four-mile pursuit ensued, with speeds reaching 93 mph on a posted 55 mph road. Daugherty's vehicle died, and the trooper allegedly saw him throw a black case out of the passenger-side door into the ditch.

Court documents say there were two young boys in the back seat, ages 6 and 7. There also was a female in the front seat.

During a search of the black case, the officer found drug paraphernalia items, a camera case with nearly 60 grams of methamphetamine and 18 small plastic baggies used for distribution, according to court documents.

Daugherty also allegedly admitted to using drugs, and field sobriety tests resulted in a DUI arrest.

Unauthorized manufacture, distribution, counterfeiting or possession of Schedule I or II substances and abuse/cruelty to a minor younger than 7 are each Class 3 felonies, punishable upon conviction by up to 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine. Daugherty was also charged with child abuse, a Class 4 felony; possession of a controlled substance in the schedules I or II, a Class 5 felony; and aggravated eluding, a Class 6 felony.