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Protection order issued for mother who lost son

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — A doctor and lawyer who are associated with a lawsuit filed by a mother whose teenage son died while in state custody have asked a judge in Minnehaha County for protection from the woman.

But, Dawn Van Ballegooyen has denied stalking or harassing Dr. Raed Sulaiman and attorney Gary Thimsen. Sulaiman performed the autopsy on Ballegooyen's son, Brady Folkens, who died in 2013 after becoming ill at the State Treatment and Rehabilitation Academy in Custer. Thimsen is defending the state in Ballegooyen's lawsuit.

The Argus Leader says a judge has issued a temporary order restricting Ballegooyen from being within 500 feet of Sulaiman and Thimsen. The judge will hold a hearing later to determine whether the temporary order should be made permanent.