Heading into the third day of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, 45 people had been arrested on felony drug charges, more than doubling last year's arrests in the same period.

As of Monday morning, the number of drug and DUI arrests, citations and warnings in Sturgis and the Rapid City district were all higher than at the same point in last year's rally. As of Monday morning, there had been 114.5 percent more felony drug arrests and 41.7 percent more DUI arrests than were made in the same period in 2018. One vehicle was also reported as having been seized for drug possession in Sturgis.

While no fatal crashes had occurred as of Monday morning, six people were injured in three crashes between 12 and 6:20 p.m. Sunday. Only motorcycles were involved in the crashes, and five of those six people were not wearing helmets. Two crashes occurred when drivers failed to negotiate curves in the road, and the third took place when the driver swerved to avoid a hole in the road.

In total, 12 injury crashes have been reported so far for this year's rally, matching the number at the same point last year. There have also been 13 non-injury crashes.