A Parker man accused of assaulting a woman with a baseball bat and hot coffee in May will serve no jail time, a McCook County court determined on July 8.

Lance Wirkus, 30, pleaded guilty to simple assault and ingesting an intoxicant other than an alcoholic beverage. He was given two 105-day jail sentences with 90 days suspended and credit for 15 days served on each.

An indictment filed against Wirkus on May 13 charged him with aggravated assault, alleging that he had knowingly tried to harm the woman with a baseball bat on May 5. It also charged him with simple assault in connection with a May 7 incident in which he allegedly threw hot coffee on the same woman's back, causing minor burns to her skin.

On May 9, according to court documents, law enforcement found Wirkus in a closet in his house. A hypodermic needle containing about 5 mL of a clear liquid was found on a bed nearby, and Wirkus was charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Remaining charges were dropped on July 8 when Wirkus entered his guilty pleas.

Wirkus was ordered to pay a total of $873 in fines and court costs.