Committee agrees to brighten up Mitchell streets

Let there be more light. Several areas of Mitchell will see new street lights in 2017, with the Mitchell Public Properties Committee approving a handful of plans prior to Monday night's City Council meeting at City Hall. The four present members ...

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Let there be more light.

Several areas of Mitchell will see new street lights in 2017, with the Mitchell Public Properties Committee approving a handful of plans prior to Monday night's City Council meeting at City Hall.

The four present members of the committee, Councilmen Mel Olson, Dan Allen, Bev Robinson and Susan Tjarks, approved new street lights at Charles, Christine, Wisconsin, Elm, Kimball and Lawler streets, as well as Rew Place and North Harmon Drive. The proposals are part of a long-term plan from Deputy Public Works Director Terry Johnson that looked at street light priorities near schools, parks and heavily trafficked areas.

Of the proposals on the table Monday night, many were unanimously approved without much discussion. One plan that caught the eye of Olson was the addition of four street lights south of John Paul II Elementary.
"When we have winter, it's light for an hour a day, and having lights out by an elementary school, I'm shocked that we don't have them there now," Olson said.

The only area proposed by Johnson on Monday night to be tabled was the addition of seven street lights on Cabela Drive from Farm Credit Services of America west. With the street receiving light from adjacent Interstate 90, Allen wondered if the lights were needed along the street. Tjarks said the lights could prove beneficial, but wondered whether they should be added if no citizen has called for their installation.


"I feel like there's validity to having lights, but if at this point there's no one requesting it or saying, 'Man, we need those,' it is a little bit hard for me to say this is a priority," Tjarks said.

Johnson noted the lights could be considered at a later date and spread 600 feet apart rather than a distance of 300 feet between each light.

For the several lights that were approved, Johnson said they would be installed in 2017, but the city's costs of the lights were not discussed during the meeting.

A stay on sidewalks

Two weeks after high bids led Mitchell's City Council to consider delaying a portion of its 2017 sidewalk projects, the city's Sidewalk Committee agreed to rebid the city-mandated sidewalk installation on portions of West Ash Avenue and Edgerton Street this winter.

"We would rebid the area in November and give the contractors something to bid on real early in their construction bidding season, and hopefully we'll get some better pricing," Johnson said.

The bid for the sections of Ash and Edgerton were not accepted after Councilman Steve Rice noted a $1.40 per square foot disparity in sidewalk cost from property owners at Ash and Edgerton compared to nearby South Burns Street. During Monday night's Sidewalk Committee meeting, Johnson said the area of sidewalk would be broken up into multiple bids with the hope to get lower prices, pushing the project to 2018 and all 2018 sidewalk projects to 2019.

"And then we would just basically push all our sidewalks back a year," Johnson said.


Consent agenda

The council approved the following items of the consent agenda:

• Minutes from the March 20 City Council and Public Health and Safety meetings, as well as the March 13 Planning Commission meeting.

• A raffle permit for the Davison County Democrats with the drawing to be held May 16.

• Set 1:30 p.m. on April 6 as the time to open bids for the Sixth Avenue plaza project.

• Set 1:30 p.m. on April 21 as the time to open bids for the Corn Palace rafters project.

• A purchase of a $23,398 truck for Landfill City Project No. 2017-17.

• Set April 17 as the date for a hearing on the application of the Highland Conference Center for a special liquor license located at 1920 Highland Way using a portion of the Highland Conference Center and Comfort Inn for the May 17 Kyle Petty Charity Ride. The applicant is also seeking a consumption permit at the Highland Conference Center, a parade permit throughout town and to temporarily close Main Street from Sixth Avenue to Seventh Avenue for a photograph.


• Set April 17 as the date to consider an application of Overtime Steakhouse & Sports Bar for a special event liquor license at the Overtime Event Center at 812 N. Rowley St. for an April 29 party.

• Gas and fuel quotation, pay estimates, bills, payroll, salary adjustments and new employee hires and the authorization of recurring and other expenses in advance as approved by the finance officer.

Other business

In other business, the council:

• During the Public Properties Committee, held a discussion regarding adding street lights to homeowners near the Wild Oak Golf Course. No action was taken, but it was indicated a metal street pole and light could installed, with the Wild Oak Homeowners Association paying the extra cost to install a metal light pole rather than a wooden pole.

• Called the City Council meeting to order, conducted the Pledge of Allegiance, heard an invocation from Northridge Baptist Church and conducted roll call. Councilmen Marty Barington and Dave Tronnes did not attend the meeting.

• During citizen input, heard from Community Services Director Jessica Pickett who noted Mayor Jerry Toomey would be participating in the National Mayors Day of Service on Tuesday.

• Also during citizen input, heard Public Works Deputy Director Terry Johnson note the Burr Street reconstruction kicked off Monday.

• Heard Tara Volesky, a Ward 2 City Council candidate, speak during citizen input about the planned Mitchell Recreation Center locker room upgrades. Volesky was asked to reserve her comments for the agenda item scheduled for later on the agenda.

• Heard from Ward 1 City Council candidate Clay Loneman regarding maximum occupancy rates in the Mitchell Recreation Center. Parks and Recreation Center Nathan Powell noted no maximum occupancy is set in the facility as a whole. Loneman also asked if an additional stop light could be considered on Rowley Street near Dakota Wesleyan University.

• Heard Chief of Public Safety Lyndon Overweg, who said the city received a $25,000 donation for the Mitchell veterans center, and he noted the time to donate to the project will soon conclude.

• Tabled a hearing on the application of Merlin Tingle, of the 1800 block of Loma Linda Drive, for a conditional use permit to construct a multi-family dwelling on the property. The property is zoned as an HB Highway Oriented Business District.

• Approved the applications of Darin Krogman, of 605 N. Duff St., for a conditional use permit to operate an automotive detailing business and Vanessa Foley and the Russell and Mary Overbay Trust for a conditional use permit to operate a family residential child care center at 1319 E. Ash. Avenue.

• Approved Agreement No. A2017-12 with L.L. Jirsa for a Mitchell Recreation Center locker room remodel. Powell noted the locker rooms are a highly used area and are in need of an upgrade. Olson explained that even if they build a new indoor aquatic center next door, the Mitchell Recreation Center still requires maintenance.

• Awarded bids for the 1300-1500 blocks of South Duff City Project No. 2017-1 schedule A and Water Valve Replacement City Projects No. 2017-24 and No. 2017-5 schedule B.

• Awarded bids for Curb and Gutter City Project No. 2017-14 schedules A and B.

• Awarded a bid for City Project 2017-18, a hydroseeder for the landfill.

• Approved the following resolutions: Resolution No. R2017-18, a James Valley Community Center kitchen lease; Resolution No. R2017-21, setting cemetery rates for what Golf and Cemetery Director Kevin Thurman called "minor housekeeping" updates; Resolution No. R2017-22, a plat of Park Acres First Addition; Resolution No. R2017-23, a plat of Lakeview Second Addition; Resolution No. R2017-24, a plat of The Woods First Addition.

• Held the second readings and adopted Ordinance No. O2017-02, updating the Airport Board and Ordinance No. O2017-03, for supplemental appropriations.

• Hold an executive session in accordance with South Dakota Codified Law 9-34-19 for "economic development." No action was taken after the session.

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