Chamberlain arrest nets 23 stolen guns, suspect tries to escape when brought to jail

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The home of the Brule County Sheriff's Department. (Republic file photo)

A Chamberlain man was arrested, charged and indicted earlier this month for stealing 23 firearms valued at more than $16,000. He also tried to run from law enforcement officers and has been charged with stealing other items such as a trailer, generators and a pool table.

Tayn Reis, 43, has been arrested and charged on 52 counts. He was arrested on Sept. 9 and later released on a $20,000 cash bond. The Brule County State’s Attorney’s Office said there is a new warrant out for his arrest following a grand jury indictment. Officials are working with Reis’ attorney, Brad Schreiber, of Pierre, to set a court date up for arraignment.

Reis also has cases pending in Minnehaha County on additional charges.

A court document filed Sept. 10 says the Brule County Sheriff’s Office received a report that Reis was “squatting” in rural Brule County. The landowner made contact with Reis 10 days prior and told him to leave within two days. The landowner called law enforcement on Sept. 8 to report Reis did not remove his property.

A sheriff’s deputy responded to the location, where there were three trailers with VINs that were reportedly stolen.


“There were other items on the trailers and in the outbuilding that I knew to be stolen from local burglaries,” the affidavit says.

Victims of the burglaries later identified their property, and all of the items were taken to Chamberlain.

The next day, officers located Reis at his Chamberlain residence. They spoke to him about the items, which he said were his and that he said he would move. Officers then arrested Reis for possession of stolen property.

At the jail, Reis and an officer were standing outside and Reis took off running, court documents say. He was apprehended about two blocks from the jail and then charged with escape.

Officers were granted two search warrants for Reis’ trailer houses, vehicle and outbuildings. They allegedly found methamphetamine, 23 stolen firearms from a burglary in Minnehaha County, tools used to unlock vehicles, bolt cutters, head lamps and face coverings. Court documents say the firearms were stolen from Last Chance Auction. The total value of all stolen items is at least $23,336.67, court documents state.

Reis has been charged with first-degree escape by a prisoner; possession of stolen property over $500; possession of burglary tools; third-degree burglary - enter or remain in an unoccupied building to commit a crime; trespassing on premises; possession of a controlled drug or substance; and possession of a stolen vehicle.

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